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Rachel Gilmore

Today I have the honor to share with you an interview with Rachel Gilmore. In a world where everybody is being fake, pretending to be somebody else, Rachel is one of people, who dare to be different! She is the kind of person who dares to dream big, has the courage to follow her dreams and become great! Rachel is the living proof that limitations do not exist, as long as you believe in yourself, and keep the vision of your dream alive! No matter what I tell you about her, it would belittle her great personality and the accomplishments she has achieved! So I will let her do the talking…

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Ines Subashka: Tell us a little bit about yourself.

Rachel Gilmore: My name is Rachel Gilmore. I am 25 years old and have been doing figure competitions for the past 2 years. in the 2013 year I will be crossing over to physique and go to my first series of national shows. I am a single mother to my 4 year old son Raheem. I also work full time as a nanny and part time as a receptionist at a gym. I also train and do nutrition on my free time as well as manage my competition suit line Rebel Fitness which provides competition suits for competitors of all categories.

IS: How did you get involved in fitness? Have you done any other sport before that?
RG: I first started competing in bodybuilding in 2007. I dated a trainer who thought I had potential as a bodybuilder. I placed at both my shows but dropped out of competing after I got pregnant. I had done cross country in high school as a sophomore and junior as well as some track and field doing hurdles, javelin, and pol vaulting.

IS: Here is a quick list of Rachel’s competition winnings:

~ 2011 Emerald Cup 3rd place Figure A
~ 2011 Empire Classic 1st place Figure B
~ 2011 Night of champions 1st place figure B
~ 2011 Northern Classic Champions 1st place Figure A
Over all winner of the Figure Divisione A
and Figure Overall Champion
~ 2012 Emerald cup 2nd place Figure A

IS: Do you follow a nutrition plan and if yes, what is it?

RG:  I don’t follow any specific nutrition plan. I have learned through the years how my body reacts to certain foods and what works best with me. I wrote my own plan and recently joined team G-Force where my current trainer IFBB pro Ann Gannon writes my diet and nutrition. This will be my first show as a team G-force athlete.

Rachel Gilmore

IS: Have you ever struggled with disorder eating habits?

RG: Yes, I have struggled with eating disorders. By definition a bodybuilder or competitor has some level of an eating disorder. As a young adult I struggled with my body image and bulimia as a result. I had no control over my urges and eating habits, nor did I understand how to provide the body with the proper balances of nutrition. After learning how to diet and train my body and obtain my desired physique through that I was able to overcome the eating disorder of bulimia. It is a constant battle to control eating and stay focused on my goals. But I have learned when I can indulge and how to control my urges.

IS: Why do you think so many women struggle with eating disorders? What is your advice to them? How could they get out of this lonely world of disordered eating?

RG: I think so many women and men struggle with eating disorders due to the expectations of society and the peer pressure of the people around them. Also another contributor is not having a good support system of friends and family. I would just advise all those that struggle with an eating disorder if you are not happy with what you see in the mirror to really look into proper nutrition and exercise. Give it a chance and let it transform your way of thinking.

Rachel Gilmore

Find others who can encourage you to stay on your path and motivate you toward a healthier way of weight loss and obtaining the image that you want for your body. One of your best supporters will be someone who can hold you accountable to your desire to change and treat your body right. A trainer maybe. Find the right one who will be just as dedicated to you and your goals as you are to the new you. More than anything I find the female body to be such a beautiful thing when she provides the necessary tools for the body to thrive. Fit and healthy is such a beautiful way of life and so much more satisfying.

IS: How do people around you accept your lifestyle? Do they approve it or are they being judgmental?

RG: I have a ton of friends and family members who are the best support I could ever ask for! This year I finally have a strong support behind me including the thousands of fans and supporters who connect with me via internet, and I can’t wait for the coming year.

No matter what you do there are always going to be those who do not agree with what you are doing or think they know of a better way. People are extremely judgmental and critical. I am constantly being told that I am too muscular or look manly. I receive degrading comments and a lot of people who try to push their ideas and opinion on me. It is my choice to do what I do. I choose not to listen to them and I know what I want for my body and future regardless of what anyone thinks of that . It is my choice to let others opinions effect me or not. I try to maintain control over my emotions and what I let control my feelings. Remember why you are doing whatever it is you have set your mind to!

IS: Have you ever been afraid of lifting weights, because you might get “bulky”? What would you tell to women who are afraid of lifting big weights?

RG: I have never been afraid of lifting weights and getting too muscular. When I first started lifting that was my goal to obtain more muscle to compete in figure. I went form no muscle to where I am today. I want women to know not only will lifting weights benefit you greatly to achieve that tight more toned body that one wants. But also that it is EXTREMELY hard to build the kind of muscle that you see most larger women with including myself.

I am not like the typical woman in the sense that I tend to build muscle more easily than most. You not only have to lift extremely heavy but also supplement your body with proper balances of nutrition and supplements to support muscle growth. Many women and men work hard all year round just to gain a few pounds of muscle. It is a very slow and hard process. So don’t be afraid to pick up the weights and lift.. even heavy. If it were that easy to build muscle then everyone would be a bodybuilder.

IS: How would you describe your training philosophy in one sentence?

RG: There are no excuses and no boundaries only mental and physical dedication!

IS: Have you ever had a moment in your life, when you wanted to be like everybody else- partying every day, eating junk food, instead of working so hard in the gym and in the kitchen?

RG: I have thought how easy it would be to just live like the thousands of people who are my age. Party all the time and eat whatever sounds good at that moment with no limits. But I remember that I used to live like that. Those were the times when I was the most unsatisfied with my self. I was not happy with my body or the progress I was making in life. By sticking to my goals that I have set in motion I am a better more happy person. I work hard each and every day in the kitchen, gym and in my personal life.

I sacrifice certain things to get to a long term goal that I have. I keep only positive people and positive hobbies in my life that support my path. At the end of the day I feel so much more satisfied in the choices I have made and the progress I see in myself when I stick to my standards rather than give up and drink a ton party and eat. This is my choice and I would not change that for anything.

IS: How would you finish the sentence ”I workout, because…”?

RG: I workout because I feel more happy, healthy, focused and strong.

IS: Here are some of  the shows that Rachel is going to be doing:

Emerald cup in May 4th 2013

The Jr. USA on May 18th.


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