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Today the interview is with Dobromira Nikolova- a successful girl in life and in sport. She has never been a professional athlete in her life, but she is already worthy to be called ” a machine” in the group workouts I have! If you wanna know more about her, read what she has to tell you!

Ines Subashka: Introduce yourself.
Dobromira Nikolova: My name is Dobromira Niklova and I work in the IT sector.

 IS: What is your background in sports? Did you workout before you joined “Workouts for machines”?
DN: When I was little I used to workout. After that for about 10 years I wasn’ active at all. Last year I started going to a globo gym three times a week.

 IS: When did you join “Workouts for machines”?
DN: This year from the beginning- sometime in June.

 IS: Who told you about the workouts and did you have some worries before you joined us?
DN: Yes, my brother. He is the athlete in our family and he gave me an advice to come. As far as worries go-yes I had! I was working out in a globo gym, but it was getting really boring after I switched four routines. Yes, I had some results- I felt more energy, the pain in my back were less and I lost some weight but I was still missing something.

 IS: What were you thinking before, during and after your first workout with us?
DN: Before the workout, I thought that I will finally have an opportunity to test my fitness. During the workout, it was kind of hard but when we finished, I told myself “ Yes, I am worse than I expected. I got tired and I do not have endurance, but I am a hero because I didn’t quit”. My thought was interrupted by the coach saying “ Now it is  time for the WOD”. That is when I understood that we did not finish the workout, but the warm up!  The WOD turned out to be scaled pretty good, and I found it really interesting, at the edge of my strength, but still joyful and satisfying. After the workout I felt really free, happy and self confident.

 IS: What did you expect out of the workouts? Did they cover your expectations?
DN: No, I had other expectations! I thought that, different people will come-  some all star athletes, and the workouts will be focused on them, and their physical level. It bothered me that I won’t be able to keep up with them and even though I had desire to workout I thought I will lose it and I will eventually quit! But it turned out completely different. In “workouts for machines”, everybody finds his place. Everybody gets better every day; gets more motivation; better endurance; self confident and happier as a whole. The change in your appearance, mentality, self-perception is drastic, and that motivates you further to never miss a workout, to get back from vacation earlier so you won’t miss the Sunday practice. The desire to workout, becomes part of you!

IS: What have you accomplished since you began working out with us?
DN: I got job promotion and higher salary! That is just a joke, but I think that now I am more confident, focused and organized and this reflects on my everyday life and the results I get! Otherwise I went through an emotional problem in my life, right before I began to workout, where I was really lost and the positive atmosphere from our workouts helped me get back up- to arrange my priorities and change my self-evaluation. I think that all this is due to the energy, tonus and confidence I have now!

As far as results in numbers- I lost about 13 pounds in a couple months and now I am three sizes less than I used to be at the beginning of the summer! But this numbers are stupid! I am not skinny fat anymore, I don’t have extra weight, I don’t have belly fat and my arms aren’t flabby anymore. I don’t have fat hanging from my body! I definitely think that people notice my body, I feel good to be me, I don’t get nervous when I am among people and I am really outgoing now! Part of my job is to meet a lot of people and sign contracts and during the last six months, my word is a low! I always tell myself “ Come on you made 20 burpees yesterday, and  on the 19th you thought you couldn’t do more, but you still managed to finish…that’s why you can do it now!”

Dobi before and after

IS: What makes you come to every practice?
DN: I try to give my self some mental rest, I spend a lot of energy at the right place, I want to see how I improve with every practice and then be happy with myself. The freedom  I feel after practice is really energizing, and my toned muscles remind me what I’ve accomplished. I am really energized after practice. I love our group, our jokes and I just love working out!

 IS: Did you ever think that tires,kettlebells and weights as a whole will make you bulky?
DN: Personally, I didn’t have such worries. I always thought that under the layers of fat I am weak, and I  was convinced that there isn’t a way for these “dead” muscles to come alive or grow bigger. Right now I am not worried at all because I love my body’s transformation!

IS: Do you intend on working out in the future and what would you like to achieve?
DN: Yes, I will definitely keep on working out and I won’t miss a workout! I want to be able to do more push ups, do pull ups without bands and become more flexible so I can do the “warms” better!

IS: Which are your favorite movements?
DN: I like doing burpees, swings, walking lunges and dragging tires.

IS: What do workouts mean to you? What do they give you…and do they rob you out of something?
DN: Workouts give me a bunch of things- freedom, strength, energy and motivation. The only think they rob out of me is the fat! 😉

IS: What advice would you give to women fearing to lift weights?
DN: With the right approach, coach and desire you can achieve everything you aim for! Don’t fear the weights!

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Ines Subashka

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