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Chicken legs syndrome

Today I feel like talking about CHICKEN LEGS! And what you are thinking is “Why the hell does she think I care about this? If she is hungry, for God’s sake – get busy in the kitchen and EAT!” Well truth is I am not hungry, I am just amazed by the massive amount of men working out in the fitness, that got infected with the chicken legs syndrome. And because I don’t wanna keep you strained I will reveal the mystery behind  the chicken legs.

Chicken legs syndrome is one of the most spread “fitness disease” around men. That is basically when you go in the weightlifting room, spend two hours pumping your biceps, triceps, back and shoulders….if you are having a good day you might hit the abs(but only if the summer months are coming around, otherwise it is ok to have a flabby tummy that you could hide under the sweater and the winter jacket), and oh, my gosh did I skip the legs? Oh, I am afraid I didn’t! Why bother about the legs- after all women looooooove big arms, and the legs aren’t that important! So basically a person “suffering” from the chicken legs syndrome, has  his upper body all jacked up , and never bothers to workout the legs. How could you find out if you have that infectious disease? Well actually it is pretty simple! You don’t need a doctor or some special blood tests. All you need is a mirror! A mirror? Yes, exactly a mirror! Look yourself in the mirror! Do you see the same thing as I do? Big and intimidating upper body, and a thin waist and skinny legs like a starving model? Do you look more like a cone flipped upside down? Looking more like Bluto from Popeye? If the answer is yes, I don’t wanna scare you but you are already infected!

So now what? Are you going to die? Fortunately NO! I have the life saving medicine and it’s called legs workout! What you need to do is go to the weightlifting room, grab one of those things called weightlifting bar, and get busy with squatting and deadlifting! That is the first dose of medicine! It is enough as a beginning- after all I don’t want you to get scared when your legs start growing! You might think it is a tumor, forcing your legs get muscular! But in reality it is just your leg muscles developing- THE BIGGEST MUSCLE GROUP IN YOUR BODY!

Let’s stop with the sarcasm and get more serious! So first of all, no matter what you think- men with big upper body and skinny legs are just hilarious! Nothing sexy! Not even close to being hot! Besides that as I mentioned legs are the biggest muscle group in your body! Not only the biggest but also the strongest! Leg strength helps promote total body strength! Overall development of muscles is equally important for both appearance and preventing muscle imbalance which reflects negatively by increasing your risk of injury, decreases flexibility, sports performance and overall balance.

As I mentioned leg strength, promotes overall strength. How is that possible? Well in the body different muscle groups are worked simultaneously, putting the majority of your body under intense stress which promotes muscle growth all over the body!

What happens is that intense stress leads to increased secretion of hormones like testosterone and growth hormone- the important muscle-building hormones! And because these hormones play an important role in determining how much muscle mass you could gain(and for the ladies reading, don’t worry, you don’t have that much testosterone to become Hulk Hogan), it is good for you to NATURALLY  increase their secretion. And what could be better than leg workouts!  That is the best way to increase the secretion of testosterone and growth hormone- the bigger the muscles, the better the stress!

I don’t know if I was convincing enough, but TRUST ME! Chicken legs are ridiculous! Get your mind straight and start working out your legs!


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