The Single Leg Deadlift-Why to Do It and How to Do It?

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I’ve been incorporating a lot of one legged movements in my training program- pistols, one legged deadlift, bulgarian split squat. Personally I’ve had bad ankle injury and that made my right leg a lot weaker than the left leg. Thus, sometimes when I do back squats, I catch myself pushing more on my left heel than on the right one. That is why I think one legged movements are a really good way to put an even load on both legs- that will make your weaker leg work as much as the stronger one.

When the movement is performed on just one leg, this requires a really good balance and coordination, which contributes to the need of incorporating this exercises in your training program..

Even though this movements (more…)

Why I Do What You Don't?

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People often ask me “Why do you workout like that? Can’t you just move a little as other people do? This hard workouts and vigorous, intensive loading is for professional athletes!”Right there, in this moment, when I hear this something stabbs my heart. Seems like the pain hidden deep inside my heart starts crying. Seems like it is flapping in my heart, trying to remind me for my lost dreams,hopes and expectations… (more…)

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