The Most Effective Way to Lose Fat! Did You Know It?

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The other day I was arguing with a person I really love, but a person that has exactly the opposite opinion when it comes to training! He was claiming that if a person wants to lose weight, he/she can’t achieve it with heavy weights and that he/she has to do aerobic exercises.( right there I sneezed) Not that I was sick, I am just allergic to that statement! 😉

That is why today I decided to write a response to him and everybody else that thinks this way, proving you, why YOU CAN LOSE WEIGHT with heavy weights and it is even MORE EFFECTIVE!

In order to (more…)

What is the Missing Link in Your Workouts? What is the Key to an Effective Workout?

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Yesterday I was for a walk in the park with my best friend, who is a professional basketball player! She was telling me about her new team and her coach, as well as for the upcoming conditioning. She told me how her coach, explained how there are two girls on the team who spend ALL DAY LONG in the gym and they actually work out!

Shocking! This is a BIG,BIG mistake that most people do- Lack of intensity in workouts! If your workouts have enough intensity, you won’t need to spend way too much time in the gym and I guarantee you that you won’t have the strength to train longer. Fortunately, lately more people who work out, realize that “more” doesn’t always mean “better”. This is so true for workouts! Longer training sessions aren’t an equivalent to more effective workouts!

Let’s first find out what intensity means. (more…)

How Could You Structure a Short but Effective Workout?

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How often do you workout?

Let me guess! Not very often, because “You don’t have time”, “You are too busy”,”It takes way too much time” …

As we’ve already discussed it “ I don’t have time” is a plain excuse and you can not convince me that you are so busy, that you can’t take between 20-60 minutes to work out at least three times a week. There are probably just a few people that could pass with this excuse and guess what? You are not one of them!!!

You have no idea how you could work out not more than 30 minutes, three to four times a week and be as fit as you’ve always wanted to be!

In order to achieve short, but quality workout, you should follow the rules below: (more…)

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