It's Insulin, Not Cholesterol That You Should Watch Like a Hawk

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Today I think to cheat on my usual style of writing and experiment with a Q&A. I will be answering the questions and my invisible friend( that could be anybody who insists eating fats, increases cholesterol levels) will ask the questions! 🙂

Q: Oh, you look great! What’s your nutrition like?

A: I eat red meat, eggs, fish, butter, nuts, some vegetables and occasionally some fruits.

Q: Isn’t that dangerous for your health? With all the fat you eat, I bet you have high cholesterol and you are crying for a heart disease! I think you should rethink your diet and start eating more carbohydrates and cut on the fat!

A: First of all cholesterol (more…)

Why We MUST Eat Fat

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Forgive me that I allow myself, mentioning  the forbidden word “fats”. I am aware that most of you, are afraid from fats and just the mere thought of eating them, makes you feel ten pounds heavier! Unfortunately all of this is a big fat lie! Let me ask you what is your diet? Some of the wide spread “healthy diets”? What did you achieve by fueling your body like that?…yes…you don’t need to tell me! I know that you still look and feel, just the way you did when you first started the diet! Then, why do you keep on resisting the change? Why don’t you try something different? Anyway, you are wandering all the time, searching for the proper nutrition and you never get to reach your goals! Then, take some risks!

Why we MUST eat fat?

Here are a couple reasons, (more…)

Eggs and Cholesterol- Who Is the Bad Guy?

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Eggs are delicious! Eat them@

Today I am gonna give my best to explain you why eggs are not evil, why eating them is not a mild form of suicide and how they actually improve your overall health! First of all let me start with a short story. Last year I was out with a friend of mine, who used to be a kickboxer( let’s call him Peter).

We were discussing workouts and nutrition when I mentioned I eat a lot of eggs. And there it was a short moment of silence, and then Peter showed his frustration and started convincing me I should stop with the eggs. He said how I wasn’t supposed to eat more than two eggs a week! He asked if I have tested my cholesterol lately! After he saw I wasn’t bothered by his words and I kept insisting that eggs are not evil he went further! He took his phone and called his friend who I did know nothing about but turned out that he studied medicine! They had a little chat, discussing  how straied I was. So Peter even gave me his phone to talk with his friend, who told me that if I don’t stop “overdosing” with the eggs I will soon be dead. Speechless! I assured them, that I will (more…)

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