The Secret to Get a Nice, Sexy Butt and Look Stunning!

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Very often, probably because of the fact that most people work out with the only goal to look better, some muscles are left neglected, which leads to muscle imbalances, which on the other hand leads to a lot of unwanted pain and bad posture!

Trainees usually focus in the so called “mirror muscles”, and by this I mean the muscles you can easily see in the mirror, when you look at yourself! 😉 This makes me think about something, my grandfather used to tell me when I was younger- “When a woman gets dressed, she should take a look at her back side, not just on the front!: Back then I did not understand these words, but today I realize how meaningful is this sentence!

Not only that, a well shaped booty and hamstrings make every piece of clothing look stunning on your body, but they are mandatory, if you want to have less lower back pain and improve your posture!

The reasons to think over the way you train and start focusing more on your posterior chain- the erectors, your butt, your hammies, your calfs, are a lot, but some of them are as follows: (more…)

Which One Is Better? Half Squats or Full Squats?

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A couple weeks ago I was in the gym, when a woman came to the squat rack. The bar was loaded with 80kg. so I decided to offer her help to load off the bar. I supposed that no matter how strong she was, she still needed to warm up. She just threw me a glance and said (more…)

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