What Is The Biggest Mistake You Make When You Choose Exercises for Your Six Pack?

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If there is one thing that every trainee in the gym does every single time, or to be more precise what everybody wants to achieve, it must be ABS! I won’t even tell you, how every time when somebody approaches me after a workout and says “ I will do some crunches for my abs”, I am about to get the gun, out of my pocket and shoot myself! 😉

There is nothing wrong with doing exercises for your abs, but the problem is that your goal is wrong! I won’t pay special attention to the myths about a strong, defined six pack, as I already did this HERE( 5 Myths That Are Sabotaging Your Six Pack Progress). Now I will just remind you that what you want to achieve with THE APPEARANCE of your six pack, is more about eating clean!

And the so called “six pack exercises” or to be more precise core exercises, have a whole different meaning! Some time ago I wrote this post “Build a Body That Matters” ( read it HERE). There I payed special attention to the fact that besides helping you look better and get fitter, workouts have one more IMPORTANT goal- to make you healthier. Healthier in the sense that you will be more functional, get rid of unwanted pain and etc.

Well, here is when core exercises play a huge role! How often do you choose your “six pack” exercises mindfully? A choice which is based on not just putting a check on the exercises about your abs, but most importantly a choice, dictated by the conscious will too load specific muscles, in order to make your torso stronger, so you could keep your posture in a neutral position and get rid of unwanted lower back pain ( caused by muscle imbalances).

…yes, no need to answer the question! I guess that you rarely give it a thought! Back in the days, I used to make the same mistake! I had “favorite” exercises and “annoying” exercises. And of course, I rarely did the annoying once. Lucky me, after some time in the gym and in a result of some pain here and there, I decided to learn more and I realized that core exercises are really important and picking the right once is twice as important!

And because as always I am really talkative, let me move on to the meaningful part!

Some time ago I read a really good (more…)

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