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The other day, when I woke up I had some lower back pain. I was traveling and I slept in a  bed that wasn’t really comfortable. I know that when that happens there is a pretty big chance that my lower back will hurt. In the past, I used to think that this is something unrecoverable and that it is completely normal to put up with some pain. Now I know better and I know that more often than not, lower back pain is due to fascia (connective tissue that covers everything in our body) not working properly, because for one reason or another, our movement behavior or the lack of it is reshaping it in such a way that is not inherent to a healthy body.

I woke up and I did my mobility drills, that I know will take care of by body and the fascia. Immediately after that, the pain was gone. And I could stick to the common advice to stop moving when something hurts. But it is important to know when the pain is due to lack of movement and when movement is not desirable.

If you have a job that involves sitting, then movement is your cure.

That is why, today I will offer you some exercises, which you can do – every single day, in order to keep your body healthy and pain free.

You will be surprised how by working on distant part of the body, your lower back pain will disappear. But every part of the body is connected and nothing works independently.

Movement is health. A lot of people mistaken the word movement with working out. Working out is just a tiny part of what is actually movement for the human body. Movement is everything that we do throughout the day, in order to move from one place to another; in order to pick up something or place something above our heads; preparing our food, cleaning and so forth.

Movement is what keeps our body healthy. But we have delegated movement to our car, to elevators, different services, chairs on wheels and we do not realize how we sentence our body to degeneration.

Most people have chronic pain, and they assume that this is the unpleasant attribute to aging, and in reality these pains are just a reflection of our choice to become sedentary; of our choice to stop listening to our body and stop taking care of it.

Lower back pain is something that you can free yourself from. And you do not need to go to the doctor or buy something fancy. All you need to do is to make the minimum in order to take care of your body.

You have no idea, how much of the shoulder pain, lower back pain, knee pain is due not to something that doesn’t have cure, but due to the fact that the fascia doesn’t function properly.

Do the exercises every day.

Floor Sitting and Hip Mobility Drill

Couch Stretch: A Prevention to Knee Pain

Posterior Chain Release: Hamstring Stretch and Split Progression

Trikonasana: A Prevention To Lower Back Pain

Side Stretch: Give Your Back a Break

Shoulder Opening Exercise

Reach Forward Hip Mobility Drill

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