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Yesterday I logged in on my facebook profile and I had a notification from one of my favorite facebook groups Eat Clean (no crap)! Train Smart. Stay Awesome. Forever.   I read a post from Peter Haas(one of the group members) that went on something like that “ What was your defining moment? The moment when you decided to make a drastic change by eating clean/working out/etc.?”

As I started reading the comments below, I thought what was my defining moment? That “aha” moment, when something flipped and I was determined to change my unhealthy habits. It was about an year after I stopped playing basketball. I was always very active, I used to work out even when I was injured, no matter if I did only some leg workouts when I had shoulder dislocations, I was always there- in the gym! But I used to eat a lot of junk food! When I stopped playing basketball I began visiting a globo gym. I knew nothing about working out properly, so I followed a workout program, made up by an instructor in the gym. I spent about two and a half hours, sitting on the machines and doing A LOT of cardio.

I was really consistent with working out but I never got results. Day after day I looked the same way I did yesterday! I got tired of it and decided I was going to educate myself better and do my own programming. I began eating cleaner, but I followed a nutrition plan based on mostly proteins and my body didn’t get what it needed. Besides that I had a cheat meal every Saturday, that turned into a cheat day and sometimes a cheat weekend. I ate massive amounts of junk and I didn’t feel good! One day after a cheat weekend like that, I went for a run. I still felt sick from all the food I ate the night before. I felt sluggish, tired and miserable. As I was struggling to run on the track I got mad at myself. I was disappointed with myself and my lack of progress. I was always taking one step forward and one step backwards, only to stay in the same place.

So right there in this moment I got my defining moment. The moment when I decided I didn’t want to be disappointed with myself. The moment I decided I wanted to be better, to look better and feel better. And from then on I never looked back. I am learning something every day, I am practicing what I preach and it feels good to be me, to know I had the will to take myself out of the enchanted circle that suppressed my life, my confidence and my desire!

Here are some of the defining moments that others shared in the group mentioned above:

„ I had been going to a local gym for 5 years working out on my own and taking classes with others. One day I looked around and thought, “no one in here has gained any muscle or lost any weight. Some have even gained weight!” I got otta there and started working out on my own at home and working hard. Then I started eating clean and then came Crossfit. So glad I moved on!” –Monica Robinson Lillibridge

“Lisa Ray of CrossFit Flagstaff mounted a no sugar challenge 1 month after I started CrossFit. On day 3 or something, I ate my usual hershey’s kisses in line at the bank and thought – oh well. That’s just me.

„When I told her, I saw a look of disappointment flicker across her face. That was my defining moment. In that split second, the entire reality of commitment hit me on the head like a fucking barbell.

I realized I was a complete bullshitter. Either do it, or don’t. I picked do it.” Eileen Schreiber

„ I was told that I needed to have gastric bypass surgery to fix my blood chemistry numbers. Once I looked into it, I realized I was going to have to change my diet because of the surgery. If I was going to have to change no matter what, I should change first and try to eat clean and see what happens. It works and my doctor said that if I keep it up, I won’t need the surgery and might be able to get off more meds.”- John Debnam

” Mine is sort of silly, but it honestly got me to where I am today at CF and *trying* to eat better (not always succesful, but at least I know what the right answer is). My office did a “steps” challenge, where everyone wore pedometers and had a goal for 10,000 steps a day. I was APPALLED when I saw I was only getting like 2,500 steps a day! I’d also packed on 20 lbs after 10 yrs at a desk job. I was stewing about this driving home one night, and as I pulled into my driveway I thought “dammit I’m going for a walk, gotta get more steps!”. And I did, walked a couple miles. Started doing a 4 mile power walk every day, which led me to eating better, which led me to explore other ways to get fit, which ultimately led me to stumbling accross CrosssFit (I was looking for a Pilates class!). All because of that one day saying “Dammit, I’m going for a walk!”- Tori Gray

“Mine was my weight.. Im 5’2 & almost 200lbs..my weight kept climbing..my son just got out from the military & we started talking about being healthy & fit & feelin good about yourself..next thing I know he got me on this program, training & eating clean & injected some of his military exercise (bout killed me)..now Im a living proof that the old fashion way exercise & eating clean go hand in hand..no pills, no magic weight loss just hard work, dtermination & focus..now Im addicted to fitness & I havent stop yet :)”- Jing Denning

I’ve always been in decent shape..was a star receiver in high school football..varsity wrestler and ran sprints and did pole vaulting in track..then the Marine Corps a year after high school..always been lifting weights..until my second of three knew surgeries almost two years ago…then I became addicted to the oxycontin and tylox..and went into a dark place..woke up one day..threw all the shit out…and purged forward..I’ve had six surgeries in the past two years.. 3 on my right knee..one on my left arm..and two on my right..the most recent being this Feb 1st…only missed four days in the gym after this last surgery..been working ABS..legs..and my left side until I get the clearance from my surgeon’s…never give up..and never let things get you down..I gained thirty pounds after my addiction to the meds..so decided to start eating clean/Paleo and my life has never been the same since..” – Scott Golla

What was your defining moment? Or you still didn’t have one? If you didn’t have an “aha” moment I think right now is the time. See how everybody’s life got better, they feel better and have confidence? Isn’t that what you’ve always wanted? How about start today, right now? Change your life for the better! Eat clean! Train smart! Stay awesome! FOREVER!

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