15 Signs That You Work Out Properly and Eat Healthy

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1.When somebody is trying to explain you how women aren’t supposed to lift weights,because they will get bulky, and you just nod, thinking “I am so sorry, that you think like that. You are cursed. You will never have tight, nice, firmer butt and thighs.”

2. When somebody tells you how they had a killing, two hours long, workout, and you just stay there, listening, but on the inside you feel real satisfaction, thinking “ God, I am so damn happy that I do not do this stupid mistake anymore. It is so great to save your time and still have short and effective workouts.”

3.When somebody says how tired they feel, because they are hardly eating, but the torture is still worth it, because that way they are gonna lose weight and get a killing, sexy body… and you stay there, trying to “understand”, eating your pork steak and throwing a glance at the mirror, in order to see your sexy, shaped body.

4.When somebody is whining, how he is (more…)

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