What Would I Tell a Younger Myself?

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1.I would tell myself that no matter what happens, life is great. And tough moments, even though hard to overcome are the biggest gift we could receive, because they always teach us an important lesson, that if we have the strength to remember and learn, makes the rest of our life better and endurable!

2. I would tell myself that the most important relationship in my life is the relationship with myself! That I have to like and love myself, because thus, if somebody tries to hurt me or doesn’t love me, I will never feel alone, because I will be in peace with myself! And inner peace is a requirement, in order for you to feel calm and happy!

3.I would tell myself that life is what you make out of it! Your future is gonna be, what you want it to be! If you want to enjoy beauty and love, the world will be full of beauty and love. It is way too easy to give in to negativity and critics.

4.I would tell myself that perfect shouldn’t be my goal, but progress instead, because life is not a stop, but an endless ride. Only those who learn to keep moving,change and adapt, manage to live a life of dignity and value!

5.I would tell (more…)

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