3 Mistakes Women Make When Trying to Get in Shape!

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1.You have an “ideal about how you want your body to look like”, but you do everything else, besides what you need to do in order to get that body

This is a really common mistake. A lot of women look at pictures on the covers of fitness magazines and the profiles of fitness models, and they wish they looked like that! Then, they rush into doing all kind of insane diets and training programs, thinking that this way they will shape the dreamed body! And unfortunately, more often than not, these desperate tries have no success! Why?

Because your mind is a slave to the well known myths, that women are not supposed to lift weights and that a nice, fit, lean body could be achieved with a lot of starvation!

Often times, some of my friends compliment me, about what I achieved with my body during the past half an year and they say that they really wanna have defined, muscular legs as mine or get leaner! When I tell them, how I am achieving it, they start explaining me, how this formula isn’t gonna work for them and instead they turn to fruit diets and video clips( the Cindy Crawford type of videos).

Hm… it sounds really irrational to me! You want to look like a woman, who lifts weights, eats pork steaks and bacon, and in the same time you are following a philosophy, which denies weights and worships small portions, more often and if it is possible just water and lemon!

If you want to have an athletic, fit body (more…)

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