Workouts and nutrition are not a torture, but just a mean through which we achieve our physical potential. I know that many of you have made the effort to get healthier and fitter, yet you haven’t achieved the results you want. Probably, you already think that the problem is in you and your body. In reality, the problem is that you haven’t found the training and nutrition guidance that matches your own needs and that aim at long term improvement of your health and appearance, instead of short term deprivation and exhaustion of your willpower.  I have great experience with training and nutrition – not just with myself, but with the thousands of people who have trained in the IFS gym and those who trusted me to be their mentor. I know what it is to feel like a victim of your own choices and how the more you try to achieve something, the further away it moves. I do not judge people and I do not look on them through their past choices. I see potential in everybody and I have the desire and patience to reach to you and your level of consciousness when it comes to training and nutrition. Then, I am willing to walk by your side, towards a healthier, fitter and stronger body. If you are ready to challenge yourself and finally reach the potential you feel you have, it will be a pleasure to be your mentor – to help you when you doubt. To inspire you, when you don’t feel like you can do it and to remind you about the long road you have walked, when you feel like you want to quit. Do not postpone yourself – start today.


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