What Is The Reason Behind Aging: What Makes You Age Faster and How to Prevent It?

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Ines Subashka
Ines Subashka

I think that if people had the opportunity to choose one “super power”, they could possess, it would be to be healthy and stop aging. They would choose to be 20-30 years old forever and take advantage of  the physical abilities, that a young, strong body provides.

Probably our bodies are genetically programmed ( like a machine), to have particular physical abilities, in a given period of their life cycle. As time goes by, some body functions decrease their work capacity, and some are lost completely.

This is the unpleasant, but the inevitable side of aging. What happens if our biological age, does not correspond our chronological age?

In other words, what might be the reason women and men who are just 25 years old, to have the biological age of 40-50 year old person?

What is it that accelerates the aging process and turns extremely young men, to become victims of the health problems more inherent for elder people?

Often times, the reason hides (more…)

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