Finally! The Reason Why You Never Manage to Get Fitter and Lose Weight!

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Ines Subashka
Ines Subashka

Throughout our lives we all have to pass the different stages of our let’s call it vital cycle. We all go through the years making mistakes and hopefully learning from them. Then when we look back on the past we realize that life hasn’t changed so much, but our point of view took a turn.

What makes you stumble throughout the years, actually makes you grow as a person. I find that to be also true about the world of weightlifting and sports in general. If I take some time to remember my first steps in the world of sports and nutrition…Oh,my……!!! I am pretty scared of myself! 🙂 I’ve done most mistakes that an athlete could have done! When I stopped playing basketball, I spent about 7months recovering from my injury, before I started swimming. During that time I did not stop practicing. I went to the nearest globo gym, got a membership and it all started! I was the new cardio queen. It makes me laugh out loud when I remember the (more…)

Part 1: Are You Making These Mistakes In Your Workouts?

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1.You spend a lot of time on the machines

If you are the typical gym rat, probably your workout resembles more a competition, how many machines you could use in an hour and a half. You go from one machine to another, lying, sitting,standing! It sounds like a lot in words, but in reality it is more a waste of time, than an efficient workout. (more…)

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