Eggs and Cholesterol- Who Is the Bad Guy?

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Eggs are delicious! Eat them@

Today I am gonna give my best to explain you why eggs are not evil, why eating them is not a mild form of suicide and how they actually improve your overall health! First of all let me start with a short story. Last year I was out with a friend of mine, who used to be a kickboxer( let’s call him Peter).

We were discussing workouts and nutrition when I mentioned I eat a lot of eggs. And there it was a short moment of silence, and then Peter showed his frustration and started convincing me I should stop with the eggs. He said how I wasn’t supposed to eat more than two eggs a week! He asked if I have tested my cholesterol lately! After he saw I wasn’t bothered by his words and I kept insisting that eggs are not evil he went further! He took his phone and called his friend who I did know nothing about but turned out that he studied medicine! They had a little chat, discussing  how straied I was. So Peter even gave me his phone to talk with his friend, who told me that if I don’t stop “overdosing” with the eggs I will soon be dead. Speechless! I assured them, that I will (more…)

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