The Most Effective Way to Track Your Progress! Did You Know It?

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You work out, you eat clean, and it seems like you are doing everything perfectly, but you are still not feeling satisfied! What is the reason?

I am sure that those of you who are more upright, have fallen into this trap! Everybody is telling you that you have an amazing progress, but you still don’t notice your body’s transformation. You step on the scale and it shows the same number, and you wonder how that is possible!

I’ve told you a billion times how muscles weigh more than fat and it is absolutely possible to look better, but still weigh more!

As you already know, the scale isn’t your best adviser and you do not need to get depressed because of the number it shows! ( read here, here and here )

Мазнините заемат повече място от мускулите!

In moments like this, when you think that you are not having any progress, you start losing motivation. What could you do to get it back?

There is one sure way to do it, and it is called (more…)

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