Thousands Have This Priceless Gift – but Never Discover It!

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Everybody wants to be successful, right? But is everybody really willing to work towards success?

We watch people beat records, lead big companies, earn money and we wish we were them! But nobody ever asks what is the price of success? Nobody is willing to take the risks those people took, nobody is willing to make their mistakes, overcome their obstacles and carry their burdens!

But see, truth is that behind every success there is hidden tons of work, sleepless nights, long shifts and hard choices!

You see an athlete who is (more…)

Do You Use Your Success As An Excuse?

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 People often forget that the things that make us successful in one area of our life have the potential to make us successful in other areas of life! I’ve noticed that principles which apply in life, could be referred also to business, sports, nutrition, relationships and so on.

I often hear people (more…)

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