Maya Puliyska: The Living Proof That Strong Is Beautiful!

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The beautiful Maya Puliyska

We live in a world where people would rather stay in one place and whine, instead of being brave and follow their dreams! Fortunately, there are people among us, who not only dare to go beyond limitations, and achieve even their “wildest” dreams, but with their personal example manage to inspire hundreds of people, to take the risk themselves and rise beyond mediocrity! And today I have the pleasure to meet you with a person like that- Maya Puliyska! Maya is the living proof that with hard work, will, desire and a clear vision for what you want out of life, everything becomes possible! Maya is the living proof, that women who lift weights, are beautiful!

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Maya Puliyska: (more…)

Is Strong Really the New Skinny?

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Lately some of my American friends are writing about the “Strong is the new skinny” movement. You can read Eileen’s post here and Liz’s post from Cave Girl Eats here. I love what Marsha and Adam the founders of “Strong is the new skinny” have done for women all around the world, but I still want to share my opinion about the way I see, feel and understand that.

Skinny is something I never wanna be, feel, associate with and aim for! Strong is (more…)

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