Delicious, Summer Strawberry- Avocado Mousse

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I am not a big fan of desserts. Not anymore! Now I’d much rather have just a steak and a salad or eggs and a salad. But I still love the fact, that with some real, clean foods, you could prepare the most delicious, healthy desserts on Earth. Today I want to suggest you a great mousse with avocado and strawberries. I found the original recipe HERE, so you can check the website for more great, healthy ideas. I think that avocado is a super food. It is healthy, delicious and it can be used in either salty or sweet meals. Its neutral flavor, allows it to be combined with different ingredients, and the results are usually so tasty.


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Healthy Strawberry Mousse

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As I told you it’s Easter here. And while everybody is enjoying Easter bread and other unhealthy treats, those of you who’d like a healthier option, can try this deliciousness. It is so quick to prepare, but it tastes absolutely great!

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