Leptin Resistance or Why You Are Hungry All The Time

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Most people in the blogosphere, including myself, talk a lot about the connection between insulin and obesity, but we often neglect some other important factors, that play a key role in a person’s inability to lose weight!

You know that there are a lot of hormones in your body. Each one of them has a different role, but they all signal your brain about what is going on in your body! Then the brain reacts to those signals and if everything is going well, you are gonna be healthy. But if the brain doesn’t like the message that your hormones are sending, and if it thinks that your body is in danger, then some survival mechanisms will be switched on!

Today I am gonna focus on the hormones that signal for hunger( grelin) and satiety( leptin), and mostly on leptin!

Today I am gonna talk about leptin resistance, what happens in your body when you have leptin resistance and why would you care about it!

Let’s first see what happens in a healthy body:

First you should keep in mind that your fat stores make inflammatory chemicals, and hormones. One of these hormones is called leptin. So that means the fat in your body, produces leptin. The hormone that signals your body, that you are full and that your body isn’t in a danger of starvation!

As you already know our bodies are always about survival! Your body doesn’t care how cute you are gonna look in that dress. Your body doesn’t care that the summer is coming, and that a lot of chicks are gonna see your naked body on the beach! What it cares about is how to survive under any circumstances!

The fat stores are (more…)

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