Why Do You Always Gain The Weight You Lost, WHen You Stop DIeting?

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As you already know my goal with all the post I write and everything I am trying to explain, isn’t to give you the newest, magical diet, which you could follow for a given period of time, lose some weight and then come back to the old, bad, eating habits, which will take you back to your starting weight. My idea is to convince you that you must change your lifestyle, that you should be patient and that you should enjoy the journey to a fitter you and not to rush it, searching for magical solution to your long fight with excess weight!

While you are fighting with your weight, you won’t achieve success!

Today I will try to explain you, why diets, which you follow even if they help you lose some weight at the beginning, then lead to you gaining all the weight back. Sometimes even some more weight!

This is well known as the post starvation obesity. And (more…)

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