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3 Ways to Get Rid of Muscle Imbalances?

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A problem that almost every trainee encounters is the muscle imbalance. I’ve said it before, but muscle imbalances can cause a lot of pain and injuries.

More often than not, depending on our lifestyle, job and daily activities, one side of our body, becomes stronger than the other. I bet that most of you, who use mainly their right hand, find out that their left hand is a lot weaker. The same is true for your legs.

For this kind of imbalance, a big contributor could be the sport you play. For example, when I used to play basketball, my left leg was a lot stronger than my right leg, because I used to drive through the right side of the court and respectively I jumped mainly off my left foot.

You are probably wondering how that even matters. Who cares that one of my arms or legs are stronger than the other one… The problem comes from the fact that in your body each muscle has a particular function. When a given muscle is weaker and doesn’t function properly, the body in the role of a smart machine, compensates by building a different mechanical path of movement, thus forcing the stronger muscles to work more, compared to the weak once.

This leads to a bad posture, pain, tight muscles and injuries. Usually the stronger muscles, work more, so they could compensate the inactivity of weak muscles, and so they become tighter, which really causes a lot of pain. Respectively the weak muscles, loosen more.

Fortunately this could be changed, if you structure your workouts properly: (more…)

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