Here Is How The Myths about Fat Being Unhealthy Started!

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Lately, I notice that a lot of people, who have never in their life made the effort to read a single book that has to do something with the way the body functions and what it needs to do so, state their really “competent opinion” and give advices about how we are supposed to eat and train. I don’t have a grudge on people, who have the opposite of my opinion, but people who have their own arguments, based on more than the common information printed in newspapers and magazines!

As I’ve mentioned before, I abandoned the need to be always right and to prove everybody that behind my opinion there are AUTHENTIC facts. Lately, I am often forced to listen to people, who explain me how healthy it is to eat fruits and oats for breakfast, a bunch of grains and how fats should be limited!

You will think that it is stupid to listen to this, without ever trying to share my opinion, but I realized that with some people it is completely pointless to discuss some topics and sometimes it is far better to let them do the talking and then just continue on your own path!

And because my blog, is the place where I love sharing my opinion, today I will try to structure some of the reasons, because of which I deeply believe that fats, and not carbs are the preferred fuel source of our bodies! The reasons, that I think prove, that obesity has more to do with eating a bunch of carbs, than it has to do with eating fats!

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