What Is the Most Popular Weight Loss Myth? Check Out!

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Where do people learn what is healthy and what isn’t? With the exception of few, that make the effort to search, read and educate themselves, most people blindly trust the widely spread information in media and society. Every day, you read headlines  like, “4 Rules for Weight Loss”, “10 Rules for Healthy Eating” and so forth. All these “rules” make healthy living a burden. Just like laws, limit our actions, “rules” for healthy eating and weight loss, actually limit our progress!

Probably you will ask “Why?”? Well, if all these rules, tactics and strategies, really worked, why is society getting more and more obese? If all this worked, why do people constantly wander from diet to diet, from failure to failure, while they reach a point, where they either quit striving to get healthier and fitter or decide to start educating themselves…

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