How Counting Calories Is Ruining Your Health and Your Diet?

Continue ReadingHow Counting Calories Is Ruining Your Health and Your Diet?

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Calories… I am not gonna lie to you, I have never thought about the calories in my food until 8th grade. One of my best friends used to be a synchronized swimmer and she was always on a diet. She thought me how to read food labels and how to calculate calories. From then on I was obsessed with calorie counting. That was the first thing I read on the labels and the only thing I cared about. The less the calories the better and healthier I thought it was. Good Lord I am smarter than that now! If you are not familiar with my view on food and calories you better start with reading this article and then come back and finish this one!

If I had to describe my nutrition philosophy in one sentence it would be to eat as much natural, unprocessed food as possible by trying to make fats be at least 60% of your dietary intake!

That means, that not quantity or calorie value of food matters but QUALITY! But let’s see how counting calories can make you take some really bad and unhealthy food choices.

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