What to Do in Order to Eat As Much As You Feel Like?

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For the past 6-7 months, I’ve been working out with a client, who has a tremendous progress. He is constantly beating his PRs and he is about to get rid of the unwanted fat. Last week I praised him for his consistency and I decided to ask how was he dealing with his nutrition changes. If it is getting easier to eat clean or if he is still finding it challenging. Then he smiled and said “ I work out, so I can eat more!” It is unnecessary to say that deep inside I felt disappointed. On a daily basis I am trying with my personal example and the example of others, to teach people, how the change in your workouts and lifestyle, isn’t about being able to eat more.

We do not work out with higher intensity, so we can eat more!

We do not lift heavier weights, so we can eat more!

Workouts are a tool to keep (more…)

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