Ladies: How Do You Know When Your Legs Are Too Strong and When You Have to Stop Lifting Weights?

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Chicken tuna

With the risk of becoming lame, I will once again talk about women and weightlifting, and especially about weight training about your legs!

A couple days ago, a beautiful girl, with whom I train, came to me and said that she was worried, because her legs were getting too muscular. She said that they were already too strong from the dancing classes she was attending!

Completely shocked! First of all, I want to say that if you see her you will NEVER think anything bad about her legs! Besides that the heaviest weight that she has lifted so far is a 12kg kettlebell! Let me think that over… 12kg…too muscular! That’s an absurd statement!

I used this example, because I am aware that there are plenty of women, who are afraid of getting bulky or too muscular, without a real reason!

I’ve noticed that when it comes to women, their notion of their own appearance, is not based on the real reflection in the mirror, but more it is based on the illusion of how they probably look, which is fed by the mass media myths about women and weights!

What happens? (more…)

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