26 Things Worth Reading

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Мария Найденова с малката машинка Марти 🙂

It’s Saturday again! Another great week has rolled by! 🙂 I hope that you are motivated and passionately moving forward towards your dreams! Don’t forget that the weekend isn’t an excuse to ditch your healthy lifestyle! Actually it is another opportunity to prove yourself how motivated and awesome you are! Eat clean, move more and be awesome! Meanwhile go through my weekly list of great reads, pick as much as you can read and enjoy the great articles! 🙂 

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32 Things Worth Reading

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Another amazing week has gone by! I am working a lot on my personality and the way I approach life! I’ve read some wonderful books, that have given me another perspective and I really feel so much happier with every page I read. Sometimes all a person needs is the right book at the right time! 🙂

I’ve never eaten as good as I eat for the past couple months, I have never felt better and looked better. Every day I realize that physical transformation has so much more to do than just appearance. My healthy lifestyle has changed me inside out and I really feel in peace with myself and everything I do.

I encourage you to give your best effort every single day, to eat quality food, be more physically active, read something worthy and enjoying every single moment! That is what makes my life so beautiful and I really wish for everyone of you, to reach that state of mind and peace! Meanwhile, I encourage you to read the 32 articles listed below! They are really worth your time! You will learn a lot!

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33 Things Worth Reading

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How was you week? Mine has been great! I visited some new places, trained in new gyms, with new people, who were really motivating and inspiring! I’ve been eating really clean, homemade food and I am just enjoying life and what I love to do- helping others find themselves, discover their own potential and create the life of their dreams! What could be better! Meanwhile I read some really great articles, that are really worth your time and attention! Be good during the weekend, eat clean, be active and read the articles on my list!

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