The Reasons Why Fats, Not Carbs Are The Preferred Fuel Source!

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egg-muffins6Judging by the responses on yesterday’s post ( HERE), I am convinced that my blog is being read by soul mates ;), because obviously you support my views! I am happy with the fact, that even if it is just virtually, I am surrounded by people, who search for the truth and do not blindly trust sensations in the media!

Now, let me keep on listing the reasons, that make me think the statement “fats are unhealthy”, to be a big myth and how in reality fats and not carbs are the preferred fuel source of our bodies!

In addition to yesterday’s post, about the scientific researched, I want to say that such studies that hypothetically search for the negatives and positives of a low carb diet, usually do  not continue long enough, which automatically interferes with the authenticity of the results! Why?

Probably you are already guessing it, but if we keep in mind that the diet of the subjects, who are being studied, previously contained mainly of carbs and they were the main fuel source, their bodies would need time, to “switch” to using fat as fuel. And as I mentioned the continuance of these studies is not enough, in order for such an adaptation to occur.

Imagine a drunkard, who is being treated and who is abstaining from alcohol for a week or two. I am sure that at first the reaction of his body won’t be good and he is more likely to feel bad, sick, weak, to experience headache and other similar symptoms. Would this mean, that abstaining from drinking alcohol is unhealthy, just because it made the treated people to feel bad, by doing so? Absolutely not!

This is just a result from (more…)

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