What to Expect from a High Fat, Low Carb Diet and How to Adapt to It

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I constantly tell you how you should eat real food and how it would be good for you if you eat less carbs and more healthy fats. A couple weeks ago I tried to debunk some of the myths about low carb diets and I hope that now you are aware, that if you eat enough fats, limiting carbs won’t hurt you!

But so far, I have never told you what to expect, when you transition to a low carb, high fat diet. And from my own experience and observations, I found out that beginning is always the hardest, and the first two weeks after the change of your diet are determinative, for the outcome- i.e. if you are gonna keep on eating good or the withdrawal at the beginning is gonna make you quit!

In other words, today I will try to sum up, what to expect during the first one to two weeks after going on a ketone diet( low carb, high fat diet). (more…)

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