How to Reject Food Politely!

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„Try just a bite!”

“ Try it, I made it just for you!”
“ If you do not wanna have cake, I won’t either, and I’ve been craving it all day long!”

“ Get some pumpkin pie, it is a family tradition. Do you really want to be the first one that will stop it?”

If you are on the road of eating healthy, probably you often hear words like the one posted above! Sometimes the feeling is terrible, when other people try to make you feel guilt, just because you are trying to take care of your health but in their eyes you just belittle their hard work, by refusing to try the meals they cooked!

People are born with an instinct, to know when we are hungry and when we are full! Unfortunately somewhere early in our childhood, we lose that instinct. Part of it is due to the people, who are part of our lives and the meaning they give to food! I guess that all of you know how food is associated with something more than “just satisfying your physical needs of energy”. Food has become a way to express your love, a premise to get closer to others, a way to honor traditions, to show your respect and appreciation for others!

I remember the terrifying feeling I used to experience when (more…)

How to Keep Eating Clean During the Weekend?

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You know that I am a bulgarian and I live in Bulgaria. We are christians so our Easter is this Sunday! That is why I am dedicating today’s post to everybod that is anticipating the holiday with the idea of eating as much as possible from all the treats that will be on the holiday table!

At this time of the year, most web sites race to suggest the best “strategy” to stay in shape during the holidays. You will read different things, from the absurd suggestions to starve and then stuff yourself, to carb rotations and so on. Unlike the others, I won’t suggest you complicated formulas you could follow until Easter and then eat everything, you see on the table!

What I am gonna do is (more…)

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