Are Low Body Fat and Silicone the New Skinny?

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Some time ago I was chatting with a friend about the new trend among women- really low body fat, popping veins and of course some silicone! I wanted to write a post about it, but for a long time I thought it wasn’t the right time to do it, till today when I got inspiration to write. Accidently I stumbled upon this post” Lean, Fit, Beautiful and Unhealthy” and I suddenly felt the urge to write something.

Let me first start by reminding you why the whole movement about (more…)

The Best Diet Revealed

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Everybody in the fitness industry is searching for the best diet that fits all. There are so many different nutrition plans and you will find people that had great success with ____(insert any diet here) and probably you will find as many people that followed the same diet but didn’t have the same positive results.

Truth is that we are all different individuals. All of us have a different lifestyle and different preferences. Some prefer eating 3-5 times a day. Other prefer eating just one or two big meals a day. Some like eating three big meals with one snack in between. There are countless ways to structure your nutrition plan. So no matter how hard somebody tries to find The Holy Grail, and discover the one diet that fits all, it is impossible!

A lot of people say really great things for IF(Intermittent Fasting), and I am sure (more…)

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