Do You Think That Being on a Diet is Boring? Check Out How to Change It!

Continue ReadingDo You Think That Being on a Diet is Boring? Check Out How to Change It!

Beti's lunch 🙂

Today I had the intention to write about something totally different. But while I was eating my favorite breakfast of eggs, butter and veggies, thinking how delicious it is and how I could eat this forever, these words passed through my mind: “ I can’t follow this diet. I can’t eat the same thing every single day.”

Then, I thought that I don’t see my food as being boring. I’ve said it before but variety in your nutrition depends on your abilities in the kitchen. You could prepare a lot of different meals, with the help of just 3-4 eggs and different veggies and meats.

But this is not so important. What is important is why do (more…)

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