The 10 Commandments of Strength Training and Weight Loss

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Inspired by Nia Shank’s post The 10 Commandments of Simple Weight Loss from a couple months ago, I decided to write The 10 Commandments of Strength Training! So, thank you Nia, for the great idea! Here are my 10 commandments!

1.Thou Shall Keep Workouts Short and Intense

This is something I will never get tired of repeating! You don’t need to have half of your day free, in order to find time and fit a workout in your schedule. If you keep your workouts short and intense you will- achieve faster and better results; you will always have time to work out, you won’t get bored with long, monotonous cardio.

You should take the most out of every second spend in the gym- no pointless time sitting on the machines, reading magazines, talking on the phone. You should train with intensity- use heavier weights.

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2.Thou Shall Lift with Proper Technique

I know that lifting heavy is tempting. I know how it feels to load the bar, and feel the burn in your muscles, BUT you are allowed to do it ONLY (more…)

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