How to Get Rid of The Chocolate Cravings?

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One of the big positives about having a blog are the wonderful people, that reach out to you, the opportunity to connect with people that are just the same as you are- the same interests, same goals; people who have the same struggles and the opportunity to help each other.

The other day I received a really funny message, from a person I’ve known for a long time and even though I hardly ever see her, she will always have a special place in my life!

And the message was this: (more…)

How to Kill the Chocolate Cravings That Are Killing You

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Everything is normal. You get out of bed, you have your healthy breakfast and go to work. Everything is as usual, you are eating better than ever and suddenly something happens- the urge to eat some chocolate, some sweets or other junk appears.

You wonder what in the world is going on. You haven’t cheated in a long time and now the craving is stronger than you are. You feel like a doll with a remote and it seems like your navigator insists on you eating a piece of cake, some cookies or a piece of chocolate.

Why does that happen? (more…)

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