A Guide to Successful Relationship with Girls Who Lift Weights

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Ines SUbashka

1.Forget about being a jerk and saying “ If you keep on lifting weights, you will become stronger than me.” If you have thoughts like this, probably you are too weak, too out of shape and chances are you are not too sexy. Then, you are the one having a problem, not her! And my advice is to start working out and become stronger as soon as possible!

2. If you are dating a girl who lifts weights, do not expect her to complain how she overate with a salad. Women who work out and look beautiful, eat food! They do not starve, so give me the steak! 🙂

3.Do not expect her to walk around with clothes from Victoria Bekcham’s last collection. Women who lift weights, dress in sporty clothes, but they always look sexy! These beautiful curves, would look attractive no matter what she dresses with!

4.In the gym everybody will look at her, want to talk to her, so get (more…)

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