5 Myths That Are Sabotaging Your Six Pack Progress

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I was thinking that I rarely write about the so called ABS. And most people desperately want to have them. I even think that one of the main things that people want to achieve with a workout program and a diet plan is the nice, defined stomach- abs!

I often hear women, who share with me how they are doing hundreds of sit ups every single day, how they found the best “abs’ program” and other similar things!

I don’t want you to think that I am making fun of somebody, so I will mention that years ago, I was also one of people who thought that if I do 1000 sit ups on a daily basis, I will get the look of a fitness model, from a  cover photo! At times, it seems as if I’ve done every stupidity, that there is out there! I feel like an endless source of examples for how things did NOT work out in the past! 😉

That’s why today I decided to (more…)

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