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Workouts In The Gym – A Rehearsal For Life

Just an ordinary day, to make you feel extraordinary. It is early in the morning and everybody is still sleeping. It is quite outside and I am going to the gym. The place where I always feel humble. The place where I always remind myself who I am and what is my meaning. Sometimes life is heavy on you – like a heavy barbell. Other times, life challenges you – like a handstand. Sometimes, life surprises you – like one extra rep on the pull ups. But in every single moment, the workout reminds me about life. When I can’t find a way to deal with reality, I first rehearse in the gym. Every movement is a cure – not just for the body, but also for my soul and mind.

It is crowded with people around me, yet I do not see anybody. I feel every muscle on my body and I hear only the rhythm of my heart, every inhale and exhale. The bar and the dumbbells are like brushes, which help me to draw the contours of my body. I do not see them yet, but they are there and only persistence, patience and hard work will fill them with colors and will give them the shapes that will become visible to me and the people who surround me.

I have three more reps and my body feels like giving up. Then, my mind comes into play and reminds me that a person is a product of his choices and that if every time when you feel challenged, you choose to quit, then you will never reach something beyond who you are right now.

I take a look at the list with my workout. I see an exercise that I hesitate if I feel like doing. My mind once again reminds me, that in life everything comes up to your choices. Some choose the easy way, and they can’t be mad that they receive mediocrity in return. Others choose to challenge themselves and they deserve to hug success. I choose to try.

I look at him. He is training by my side and he challenges me. He is better than me and he is capable of so much more. I feel that I am at the limit of my abilities, yet on the inside I don’t want to fall behind. There are two powers fighting in me – the first one is the truth that every person has his own pace. If you move with it, then you can keep up with the dedication for a long time and achieve your goals. If you rush faster than your own pace and you are trying to catch up with somebody else, then something usually stops you – exhaustion or an injury. If you fall behind your own pace, then you can’t progress and you can’t get far ahead. The other power – the sense of not being enough is urging me to try harder and do more.

I choose my own pace. For a moment, my ego gets smaller and in the next moment I feel how I become more. Because I choose wat is best in the long term.

The workout is done. I feel tired, but satisfied. I open the door of the dressing room. I see my reflection. I am standing in front of the mirror and I look at myself. Just a moment ago, I felt stronger, more capable, in better shape. Now I look at the reflection and I see the opposite. There are two powers again and they are both fighting in me. One of them reminds me that everything visible is first supposed to be invisible. It reminds me that the hard work today, always gets materialized in the future. And that what I am gonna be in a month, is created by what I choose today. It reminds me that it is the same in life – some processes are left for a long time on the level of the unconsciousness. But usually, there comes a moment when they are mature enough, to become something new and meaningful. There are some, who never get materialized, but still change us. Like when you become wiser. It I not something that you can touch or see, but you feel it in every action or word. I look at myself again and I feel much better. I know that my hard work today and the feeling I had a moment ago, are just an intuition about the future, that awaits me, because of the hard work I do today.

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