Success with Your Diet and Workouts During the Holidays? Yes, It Is Possible! Check Out How!

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Amanda Latona
The beautiful Amanda Latona

It is almost the end of December and most of you are probably gonna make new years resolutions! I have never made a new years resolution, and I think they totally suck! How do I dare to be so harsh on people’s expectations, desires and will?

Well, truth is that it is pointless to wait the whole year, just for one day. A day when you are expected to receive a burst of motivation to do something, that you are not quite sure you truly want, but everybody else thinks you should!

1. Resolutions are not a matter of what you wanna do but what you are supposed to be doing

Most people, claim that they will begin eating healthy, exercising more regularly, quit smoking, stop drinking and so on, when the new year comes. But do they really believe it?

Most New Year’s resolutions are a product of society’s opinion, a product of the common knowledge and understanding for “living the right way”.

Stop for a second, and think about your New Year’s resolutions. How many of them do you truly, deeply want with your heart to happen? How many of your resolutions, come from your heart and will sure be giving you motivation and strength to keep going when the going gets tough?

My observations, show me that almost all new years resolutions end up with failure. It is the same as “ I will start dieting from Monday!”…and what you have two weeks later is that you’ve wasted fourteen days, keeping up with your old bad habits!

Change is not about the right time, the right circumstances… it is more about desire, motivation, patience, perseverance!

2. You are not committed to your resolutions

Come on! Tell me the truth! Do you believe in the outcome of your resolution? How bad do you want them? Is it just a matter of trends? Everybody else is doing it, that’s why I am doing it too! Well, things don’t work out this way!

When you decide to make a change, it should refer to something important to you. Something fundamental! Something that you not only know is gonna change your life for the better, but (more…)

The Lie We Chose to Believe In!

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Ines Subashka-Инес Субашка

It was a cold winter day, but as always she was walking along the sidewalks of the city. Nothing could seem dark or scary, when it was so deeply yearned- just the way she yearned for the stolen moments, when she was just by herself- alone with her thoughts and her imagination.

She was sloping down the snowy sidewalks, and her thoughts were trying to catch up with her pace. Her life was following her, like a good servant, and she was chatting with it in her mind.

She remembered the beginning of today and her new friend. It is funny how sometimes just one small neighborhood, might be the most spacious place, and people who live close to each other, could never get to meet… and then in a short glimpse of a moment, something happens. As if, until yesterday your presence in the neighborhood was invisible and suddenly, your soul gets materialized and impersonates in a body. A body which is now visible for the world and people around you.

Until yesterday, he was walking on the sidewalk and never noticed you, and this morning he was in captivity of your presence. Until now, he always passed by you- indifferent- and today it felt like something in your life was calling him to come closer and as if exactly today was the day when he was gonna turn from an accidental stranger into your best friend.

Analyzing life and the way situations take place, I always remember Steve Job’s words- “ you can only connect the dots backwards.” So true! Life is motion and if we look at it as static, through the prism of the present moment, what is happening might seem illogical.

What separates the moment when something happens and the true meaning that particular situation has in our life is time!

Time is what separates and what brings together; time is what obliterates the past and reveals the future.

When people meet each other and find out that they have a lot of mutual friends, they can’t stop repeating that the world is too small. But is it really too small?

The world is not small and it will never be. Just the acquaintances between us are a sequence of “fortuities”, which have been arranged log before. But it is far more thrilling when you do not expect something and it happen, than if you know, before hand, how things will work out at the end.

Probably my meet with you, with him or her was arranged long before this moment. Probably so long ago, that we forgot, that someday we will meet each other and that we will have the main role in the scene of our mutual life.

But life remembers and it never forgets. Fortuities are just the occasion! Fortuities are (more…)

In Captivity of My Past

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It was one of these cold days- seemed as if the sky was suffering for something and the tears of rain were trickling down the window of her room. Was she trying to be sympathetic to the weather, or the weather was trying to be understanding to her- anyways the tears were trickling down her cheeks. They were just an outer expression of what was happening inside her soul.

Once again a memory from the past, had fallen out, like an old cut from a magazine- a magazine which you have forgotten, and on one of these afternoons, you felt as if it was screaming from the shelves of the library. You reach out and take the magazine. The cut sneaks out from the pages. Seems as if it was taking advantage of the moment, as a desperate try to escape from the oblivion, that was squeezing it among the pages of the old, useless magazine.

There are such moments, when the memories from the past sneak out- in a desperate try to run away from the cage, where we locked them and then threw in the furthest corner of our souls.

Memories, which return from oblivion and sate the present moment with their presence. Memories, which carry with them the sour taste of past emotions, which we wouldn’t want to experience anymore.

There are moments, when the memories from the past, return in our present. Memories which we are desperately trying to project in the present moment, so we can experience them again or so we can once again meet people, who used to be part of them- to invite them in our present and write a new story of your relationship.

A story, where no matter the hardships that “the characters” face, through the pages of their life, the feeling of security, the feeling of love and completeness are not gonna be ruined, but just strengthened after each obstacle.

The moments when you (more…)

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