The Twisted Reality

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The mind loves to get attached. To belittle experiences and existence and then pack them and stuff them in the frames of the well-known.

The mind loves to put labels on reality and arrange it in predicted order of happening. Labels, which  do not allow us to see in the unbounded Universe and obtain from its abundance. Labels, which draw the perimeter of our own existence. Walls, which keep us in captivity, give birth to the feeling of hopelessness and sustain the notion that what we see, exhausts what we can become. And in reality the visible, doesn’t exhaust the opportunities. The visible is just hinting about the courage of those who dared to search and discover beyond the limitations of the well-known, the secure!

The mind fixates the world in a spot and doesn’t allow it to broaden– enriched with the experience, the gathered pain and the wisdom which cured it.

The mind gets attached and fools us to put labels not only on what is around us, but also on what is inside of us.

The mind attaches our identity to the material world and convinces us, that this is who we are; that this exhausts the opportunities, the meaning and longings.

And every attachment by itself is followed by fear- the fear to (more…)

The Confession of a Vagabond

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Sometimes we spend a long time, wandering through the mazes of our own life. As if we know what we are looking for, we know the direction, but when we start walking on the path, it feels as if every road leads to a dead end. We walk back and forth, we think that every time we are approaching the situation differently, and at the end the lesson shows that every time we make the same mistake- just the situation and the characters in it are different.

Sometimes a person should get lost a bunch of times and fail to realize why it happens. You ask yourself a lot of questions, but you never manage to formulate the properly, so you can get the answer.

I’ve lost myself countless times and probably I will lose myself twice as much. While you are wandering it is easy to fool yourself that nothing has meaning and that you are not “predestined” to be and have what you long for. And one day something happens- by accident- just like everything happens, when you’ve previously invited it with your intention, and then with your actions. Coincidence and the unexpected, are always a fruit of a long preparation in the past.

Probably being lost and wandering around is just a chance and an opportunity- the needed distance, which we should cover, so we can gather what we need; even if sometimes this is just to put our own self and our own thoughts together; to find what is truly meaningful; to throw the “filling” and open space for something more.

In order to attract in your life, people and situations- those that you want to be part of your life, you should first open some space for them- in yourself, in your life, in your daily schedule.

Sometimes it seems as if we are (more…)

Hello, Sorrow… You Came to Visit!

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Blog: http://drago-myworlds.blogspot.dе(HERE)

Sorrow- the one which everybody is afraid of and the one which everybody is desperately trying to avoid. Seems like the more we run away from it; the more we hide from it, the more skillfully it manages to catch us and bring us to bay in the corner of our own existence; the stronger  its grasp and the bigger its power over our life.

We live in a world of relativities. A world where everything exists by means of its polarity and the value it gets in comparison to it. A cliché, but a fact- in order for the light to exists, it should be surrounded by darkness.

For me sorrow is one of the most beautiful feelings. It is beautiful when you stop defining your life with it, when you stop experiencing it in a way which is destroying your inner peace and harmony and when you just give it the freedom to exist, to come as a guest in your life, to treat it with memories and together to cure the scars, which experiences from the past inflicted.

Sorrow as an outlet; as the only friend who gives you the freedom, to let all the emotions you suppressed, to emerge in the silence of your own presence.

I am not afraid of sorrow, because just like any other feeling- it is inevitable and temporary. When sorrow comes, I treat it with care, and I do not rush to send it off. I stay there as an eyewitness and for a short moment, I back off and give it the opportunity to perform n the stage of my own life. I let it defile in front of me, with its whole repertory . I let it show me what it is capable of, while I silently observe it, feel its presence but never allow it to define me.

Sorrow, like a kid, who needs attention. Just like (more…)

The Cynical Voice of Ego and Its Ability to Dictate Our Choices

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The silence of an early morning- the stolen moments from the day, when everybody and everything is still asleep. You get the chance to be alone with yourself- with your true essence. You are alone with your true self, which you are not trying to “decorate” or change, just so you can fit in somebody’s notions, expectations or just in your primal desire to be accepted. The moments when you are YOU in your wholeness- a complex of the polarities, which are hidden in your soul and which are constantly fighting for control over your thoughts and a possession of your personality.

I feel like writing about… ego- the main source of each emotion, each action that it provokes.

I think that I could write a book about ego and its manifestations; about our inability to use it consciously and handle it as an armor, which helps us conquer the life we long for.

If I have to sum up my philosophy about life, I’d say that the ego is our biggest strength and our biggest weakness; the inability to enjoy life, comes from our inability to understand our own ego.

Many of us are under the constant control of the emotions, which we cannot obey, because we’ve lost our ability to observe our own experiences and filter them according to our own desires and beliefs. We get distant from our own self and focus on our peers. We do it, broke under the heavy duty to get to know our essence, and forced to search for a place an object, where we can project everything that we are incapable to recognize in our own self and everything that we demonize in correspondence with our private interests.

The life of most people is filled with fights with the ego- life filled with fights with our own self. We fool ourselves (more…)

Chasing Sick Ambitions While Wasting Life

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And one picture of me from my wonderful weekend in the park :)
And one picture of me from my wonderful weekend in the park 🙂

Pretentions for exceptionality…

The burden that day after day became more and more unbearable. It wedged me in the corner of my own existence and kept me in captivity of my ambitions. The ambitions that would never allow me to devote to the moment and enjoy the peace and wholeness that it offers me.

Every time, when my ambitions felt the peace inside of me, they rushed to overtake me. They found me unprepared and once again forced me to kneel on the threshold of my own life.

Words… thanks God that they exist!

I used to search for salvation in my words. The pages were my shelter, where I had the opportunity to create and arrange the world, just the way I dreamed it.

I used to package the pain, the worries and the disappointments in words, which I poured on the fragile paper- the one, which was capable of bearing the heavy debris of a broken heart.

The fragile pages, which offered me room and freedom, in a world where limitations kept me in prison.

Pages, which silently soaked up my tears and stamped the memory of each of my transient weaknesses.

We spend our life chasing- people, a successful career, hopes, ambitions. We are too busy to direct our energy towards chasing the future and running away from the past, yet we never find time to stop today- here and now and enjoy life in all of its manifestations.

Every time when you chase something or when you try to get rid of it, you are left one step behind. And life is no exception. Every time when we are desperately chasing something, we are falling behind it and the only thing that is left is the thirst for meaning and the hunger to possess it. A thirst and a hunger, which day after day become stronger and exhaust both- our body and our soul. Day after day, they rob us from strength and turn us into hypnotized beings, which wander through the days of their own life, constantly searching for something, yet never finding it.

I remember moments in my life when I used to be exhausted- from (more…)

The Mistake I Made!You Might Be Making It Too!

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She was sitting alone in the park. The thoughts were chasing each other in her head, and became more and more deafening… each of them fighting to attract more attention. Expectations, hopes, disappointments… a rush of mixed feelings and a wave of emotions. Her soul was fighting with the demons… the demons from her past, who weren’t allowing her to be herself! The demons, who thought that they were protecting her naked soul from the evil, jealous world, and in reality they were just stripping it more and more…

I was sitting alone in the park and I decided to stand up… to brush off each expectation and desire, that others had for me, brush off what was outweighing in every choice I made, every action I took…

Today (more…)

The Choreography of Failure

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She was slowly dancing on the dance floor of her own life. The rhythm was either getting faster and she was desperately trying to catch up with the steps, or it was getting slower- the moments when her movements seemed a little bit over-hasty. So many days have gone by, so many rehearsals from the dance of her own life, and she was still having problems, mastering the art of the dance- the art of living.

She was always out of the rhythm of the music, because she never listened to it-carefully. She never allowed herself to feel the music. She had her own notion about the steps; she had her own notion about the perfect choreography- a choreography, which was robbed out of beauty, surprises and the freedom for improvisation. Her choreography was one of those, where all emotions and feelings are lacking, all the chemistry between the dancers is nonexistent.  The dance floor of her life, was just another scene, where you step, mastering some steps beforehand- the steps that the jury is expecting to see and no matter if you feel like it or not, you just endure some time there, doing things you are expected to do.

It’s kind of funny… to belittle an art like dancing, to a combination of pre learned, mechanic movements.

It’s kind of funny… to belittle the art of living, to just mechanically walking on the beaten track.

Sometimes, what robs us out of the satisfaction from life is our over-hasty behavior; the desperate tried to fit reality in the frame of logic and clench to the notion that everything follows a logic path. What disappoints us is the adjustment that life is a straight line, a straight path, where we walk on and each diversion from the pre- traced route is equal to failure, a sign that we should give up.

I have a different twist on life. My apperceptions, allow the serpentine routes, the roundabout paths, the step backwards, the step to the side, the short stops for some rest and rethinking.

My notion about life, allows its happening in the form of an art- illogical, unique, but extremely deep and meaningful, if you knew even some of the motives of the person who created it.

What limits us is the notion that life goes in one straightforward direction that we should follow to the end of our life. The way we live, completely excludes, the opportunity for diversions, for a change in the direction and completely denies the rethinking of the final goal. Since we are (more…)

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