They say that the book that is left unwritten, is what kills you. Then what is left about the life that is left unexperienced?

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“Always turn your head to the sum- this way all the shadows will be left behind you.”- Walt Witman

I once again couldn’t wait for the morning. My body needed sleep and rest, but my soul was restlessly revolting. It was poking me to wake up and meet the new day- in the company of silence. There is something magical about the hours before the sunrise. It seems as if nature takes a deep breath, because it senses the coming of something wonderful, indescribable. Something that could not be stuffed into words and doesn’t have definition. Something, which is beyond the visible, but gets so deep and touches all your senses. Seems as if nature becomes silent, in the eager anticipation of the first morning rays. A light, which silently and tenderly, sneaks through the windows and makes its way through the thickest woods. A light, which sneaks in the room and tenderly fondles my tired body.

The whole nature is being silent, in anticipation for the moment when darkness will say goodbye to silence and will yield its place to the new day- the new beginning.

I love silence. Seems as if there is nothing in it, and in reality this “nothing” is my everything. One of my favorite qualities of silence is its emptiness… and the freedom to fill it with whatever I feel like. And today, I want to fill it with myself.

Silence gives me space to breath into life, what is otherwise left neglected. It gives me the opportunity to give life, to all the things, which bring meaning to our existence, but the things that are patiently waiting behind the door of our fast paced day and never dare to ring the bell- scared that there is nobody to hear them. Scared that the meaning is (more…)

The Pre Learned Helplessness: Why Do We Feel Scarcity in a World Full of Abundance

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Image source: James Clear
Image source: James Clear

We whine that life passes by us, we feel like victims, like people robbed by opportunities and pleasure. We feel scarcity in a world, which is full of abundance. Do you really think that life leaves us at the sidelines? Or maybe, we are too blind; too overburdened by the frame, in which we are trying to stuff the meaning?

We give definition to every emotion, every feeling and experience and when “the word order is changed”, when “a comma or a dot is missing”, we carelessly ignore what’s going on. We deny the opportunity, just because on the surface, it doesn’t fir the “right”definition.

We work with absolute values, in a world, which is a personification of relativity.

What do the conditions of life really express? We blame others, we blame our bad luck, but how often do we stop to rush through life and take a short glimpse, a closer look at it? How often do we stop, in order to observe how life happens, while we are running through the present, running out of breath toward a future which is just an illusion?

What do the conditions of life really express? Probably clothes, carefully and methodically sewed by us… clothes, which are in direct correspondence with the model of thoughts, which we are hiding deep inside our subconscious.

The outer conditions, actually our whole life, the way we experience it, is just a parade of what we are nurturing in our minds.

We are absorbed in the gale of our own emotions. We are slaves to our feelings and we feel helpless under their control. And after all, what are the feelings? Aren’t they just our predominant attitude towards life? Aren’t your feelings towards me, towards the person besides you; the feeling towards a particular situation or job, just a (more…)

The Inconvenient Truth about Charity

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Една снимка от прекрасното ми пътешествие тази седмица :)
One picture of me from my wonderful trip this week 🙂

You know that I love reading. Last week I organized a charity initiative, here in my home town – Sofia, Bulgaria. I asked all of my Bulgarian followers, to take some time, and bring their favorite book- the one that changed their life. The book, which words pack the meaning they were looking for. The book, which lines managed to provoke the questions, that they needed to ask, in order to find the answers they were searching for. All the books, which we collected, will be given for charity today. They will become part of the library of an orphanage home, for children.

I am really thankful to everybody who took from their time and emotions, to personally bring the book. I heard all kind of comments about my initiative. Some of them were really skeptical. Comments like “How many children read?”; Ït is a good idea but I do not know how you will make these children to read.” and so forth, were the common opinions.

We gathered a lot of books. I am really happy with the books ( the headlines) you brought. It is obvious that every one of you picked valuable books. Books, among the pages of which, a person could find out more about his own self; a person could receive the opportunity to visit worlds, which seem unreachable in reality, and then close the pages, feeling a little bit more hopeful and confident in his own self and his ability to be the one he longs to be and live the life he dreams of.

Here are the books I gave for charity (more…)

The Escape Among The Crowd: The Emollient Hug of Your Own Escape

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sofia utro

She was trying to free herself from the chains of her own expectations, but she somehow managed to achieve it just when she was among the crowd. Seemed as if her personality and everything that she was trying to hide from herself, slowly dissolved in the crowd of people. As if everything was mixed with their emotions, actions and behavior. Just in the presence of other people, she could feel the emollient hug of her own escape. It was only the crowd, which managed to give her the feeling of security, that she was so desperate for, but yet she never managed to achieve it in the loneliness of her own presence. Just when she was among the crowd, she felt as if the person she was and what she hated about her own self, started shrinking, while reaching an insignificant size, compared to what everyone else used to be like.

An escape which she loved taking every time when she felt the anxiety and dissatisfaction, whispering in the silence of her own presence.

The best test about if you accept who you are is how you feel when you are alone. A lot of people run away from the date with their own self, with their own presence. That’s why a lot of people get into the wrong relationships, friendships and acquaintances, which only strengthen the dissatisfaction and make you feel even more alone.

A lot of people use other’s presence, so they can gather emotions, opinions and point of views, which will help them form an evaluation about their own personality. A lot of people use others as a mean to receive a better idea about their own self. We always strive to communicate with people who reaffirm the convictions we WOULD DESPERATLY LOVE TO have about our own self.

We avoid those who just reaffirm us what we already know about our own personality; exactly what we are trying to run away from and what we are trying to forget. We are indifferent to those who (more…)

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