Atletikko Fitness: The Gym Where Your Hard Work Leads to Results

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Atletikko fitness

We live in a world where our live is becoming more and more commercialized. Everything comes up to getting more money and the use for people who use our services is left somewhere behind. Though, there are still people-idealists, who are trying to confront the trend and are trying to show that with more desire, motivation and the right approach, the profit and client’s satisfaction can work together!

Nowadays more and more gyms, become places that offer a couple acres of ground to everybody willing to workout, without caring if their clients will get the results, they work for. There is one place, where I assure you that you won’t receive such treatment. The place where the instructors are motivated to work hard, learn everyday and help you advance! Today we will go to one place in Bulgaria-called Pleven, where Atletikko fitness is situated. We will have the pleasure to read what Abena Damyanova shared about the gym, the instructors, the clients and their future goals! (more…)

Simona Naydenova: The Girl Who Isn't Afraid of Lifting Weights

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Ines Subashka: Introduce yourself.
Simona Naydenova: My name is Simona Naydenova. I am 23 years old.

IS: For how long have you been in the fitness industry? Have you done some other sports before that?
SN: I’ve been involved in fitness for the past eight years. Before that I was a professional volleyball player. Since I was a child, I was really passionate for sports. When I was little I was a gymnast, then I played basketball, handball, swimming and dancing.

IS: Do you follow a nutrition plan? (more…)

Gailna Gegenava:The Beautiful Lady Who Went From Anorexia and Bulimia to Fit and Healthy

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Galina Gegenava

It is said that humans are the supreme form of life on Earth. Then what is capable of destroying the human race if not the human himself? Today’s story is an example how the demons in our own mind can overtake our body and our entire life, take us on a journey, where we will have to face the scariest-our own self, own solitude and hopelessness…a  journey, where few people manage to survive but everybody has the chance to do it as long as he believes in himself and the unlimited possibilities of the human mind!

Today the interview is with Gailna Gegenava. A woman, who went through the terrible consequences, caused by her destructive thoughts and negative perception of her body. Today Galina looks amazing- her body “says” that she is healthy,fit and strong. Her body shows she has control over her thoughts and her life. But her life wasn’t always that way! For years Gailna struggled with eating disorders, then gained weight to become overweight, until she found the right path, that took her to the place where she stands today-happy and beautiful!

Ines Subashka: How and when did everything start? (more…)

Stacey Kroon: The Charming Lady Who Kicks Ass In The Gym!

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Stacey Kroon

What happens when you take everything life throws at you with a big smile on your face? Well,  life smiles back at you and gives you the opportunity to have a life filled with joy. Gives you the possibility to do what you love and be surrounded by people who help you get through difficulties! Today the interview is with Stacey Kroon. A woman that has the most charming smile ever. A woman whose heart is filled with love and positivity! Check out what Stacey shared with us! (more…)

Michael Hristov: The Boy Who Outran His Fate!

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Michael Hristov

Do you know what it is like to know about a person, you’ve never met…a person who doesn’t know about your existence, but somehow when you hear his name or some new about his accomplishments in life and in sport, your heart fills with pride? Pride that even though the world is full of pessimists, there are still ambitious, hard working and worthy people. People who are among us, to use their self example in order to motivate us, to give us hope when we feel down and give us strength when we feel weak!

Michael Hristov is one of these people! He is a unique example about the limitless possibilities of the human nature, about strong will and brave heart! When he is only 15 years old, a bad accident happens, and he got both of his arms amputated! Thus, this bad incident takes him to a place, where Michael gets the opportunity to show what he is made of! Michalel enters the world of track and field, and shows us that in the future we will be hearing about him and his records more often! Check out what Misho shared with us and “steal” at least a small part of the optimism and the desire to live, that this boy has (more…)

Emmanuel Smith- The Future Crossfit Champion?

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Emmanuel Smith

Today the interview is with Emmanuel Smith. Probably you’ve heard of him or probably you haven’t, but I bet that in the future his name will become more and more popular! Check out what Emmanuel had to share with us. Where did he start from, where he is now and where he hopes to go in life! (more…)

Aaron Jannetii: A Man On A Mission To Change The World

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Image source:Aaron Jannetti

There are people, that we’ve never met and probably will never meet! There are people, who we don’t know in person, but people who have something deep inside. Something that makes them different, unique and valuable! Today, our guest is Aaron Jannetti- a coach, an athlete, a person with huge heart and desire to give a helping hand to everybody that have made the decision to change his life!

Read the stories, that Aaron shared with us- how a person stuck to the bed for over a year, can take his life back (more…)

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