Marisa Inda: The Living Proof That Women Can Be Everything They Set Their Mind to Become

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The beautiful Marisa Inda
The beautiful Marisa Inda

The world needs people, who have walked the path towards their own self. The kind of people, who have done the hard work to build their own personality, to overcome their fears and rise above their limitations. The world needs the kind of people, who are the living proof, that every dream can be achieved, as long as you believe in yourself and as long as you dare to go after it. Today I will introduce you a person like that- the beautiful-Marisa Inda.

She is a 37 year old inspirational woman, a mother of two wonderful, healthy children. She will share with us everything about being pregnant and working out through each trimester. How has her nutrition changed during the pregnancies. She will share some tips for time management, as well as how has her life changed now that she is a mom.

She is a really powerful woman, that will light the fire within your heart and prove you that you can be a woman, a mom, an athlete. That you can be everything, just as long as you let go of your excuses and redirect your energy towards chasing your dreams.

So glad, that there are women like her! Enjoy her story!

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Ines Subashka: Thank you for agreeing to give an interview for my blog. Introduce yourself.

Marisa Inda: (more…)

The Personal Confession of Kaila Prins: The Journey of An Amazing Woman from a Meat Eater to Vegan and What Made Her Go Back to Eating Meat Again?

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Today I have a really interesting interview for you, that I’ve been wanting for a long time, but it was just now that I dared to ask.  It is with a beautiful woman, who has walked the path from a meat eater, through a vegetarian, to a vegan and then she went back to eating meat. In her “personal confession” you will get a chance to read what made her transition through all the diet styles mentioned above, how each one of them reflected on her health and performance, as well as what made her go back to eating meat again. You will get a chance to read what is the most valuable lesson she learned, from all the trial and errors she made.

Today, I will introduce you to Kaila Prins, who is one of the most intelligent and dedicated people I’ve ever had the chance to meet. Even though I “talked” to her just on the internet, I feel as if my life is more meaningful and as if I’ve met the smartest, wisest person. Enjoy what she had to share with us.

Ines Subashka: Introduce yourself.

Kaila Prins: My name is Kaila Prins, although I’m known around the internet as @MissSkinnyGenes. I currently blog about health, fitness, and eating disorder recovery at, and I run a podcast called “Finding Our Hunger,” on which we interview people who are finding out where they want their journeys to take them–toward better body image, a fulfilling career, and everything in between.

I am also a recovering anorectic. I have struggled with exercise addiction and food addictions for over 13 years, and now that I’m in recovery, I’m devoting my life to helping others find their way out from under the control of disordered eating and exercise. I am currently becoming a certified health coach through the Institute for Integrative Nutrition.

IS: Do you lift weights? How has weight training changed your life?

 KP: I (more…)

Valerie Hunt: Pose Running Technique and Endurance Training Through a Different Perspective

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I am a big fan of sprinting and interval sprint training. I think that most people can benefit a lot if they quit doing the traditional cardio on the machines, and start training more intensely and doing sprints every now and then. But the thing is, I also believe that running does more harm, than good- not because of the nature of the activity itself, but because of the way most people do it- with terrible technique.

For a while, I’ve been following a really inspiring, fit and strong woman, who is the master in teaching you how to run properly and how to become the best endurance athlete, through using proper training and nutritional methods. I was honored when she agreed to give an interview for my blog, so we can get a sneak peek in her tremendous knowledge and rethink everything we’ve believed about running, nutrition and endurance athlete’s training.

So, today I have the opportunity to share with you what Valerie Hunt- the best Pose running coach- had to tell us. Enjoy her knowledge and don’t forget to join my Facebook Page for more useful information. (more…)

Top Coaches Share: My Top 5 Must Read Books That Changed My Life

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And one picture from yesterday :)
And one picture from yesterday 🙂

You know that I am a bookworm and I read everything I get my hands on. I decided that it would be really interesting if I ask some of the top strength and conditioning coaches,life coaches, as well as physical therapists about the top five- must read books that changed their point of view ( both for life, strength and conditioning, nutrition). Books that they consider everybody should read in their lifetime. Besides getting the opportunity to sneak peek in their home library and some of the post valuable lessons, that help them be so awesome on a daily basis, I thought it would be great to give myself and you more ideas for great books to read.

Many of you ask me about the books I read, so I decided to include my top 5 books as well.

So enjoy what my guests shared with us. I want to once again thank them for the time they took to answer my question.

Steve Cotter, President and Founder of IKFF

Steve Cotter
Steve Cotter


Most of the books that have been impactful for me have more to do with mental rather than physical development. The mind is the commander and the body obeys, and so to me is the starting point.

The Science of Getting Rich by Wallace D. Wattles:

As the title suggests, there is a Science to achieving wealth. The way we use our thoughts/mind is very powerful and creates the environment which either attracts or repels things to or from us. Those who understand how to properly use his or her mind with regards to money are able to attract money to us. It is much more than about materialism however. All people have a right to live well, and having money is simply a necessary ingredient for a full life.

Affirmations by Stuart Wilde:

Wilde was a wonderfully witty and thought provoking author. I read many of his books, but this particular book, Affirmations, appeared at a time when I was having a lot of personal struggle and confusion and the words resonated very well with me, reminding me to look within and love myself. Each person must affirm for him or herself their own power and their own unlimited nature. It was very good medicine for me and the lessons contained can be applied to any aspect of our lives.

Think and Grow Fit by Jose Silva:

Silva studied the common factors that were found among successful athletes. When athletes are excelling, they often refer to being “in the zone” that time and space in which the ball or the punches are easier to see, seem to be moving slower, and everything is effortless and fluid. Conventional thought is that the Zone just sort of comes by chance. But Silva found that one can actually facilitate this zone and in this book teaches various imagery exercises to help do so on a more regular basis. Extremely useful for athletes and the techniques can be applied to help focus before any important event, sporting or otherwise.

The Tao of Health, Sex and Longevity by Daniel Reid:

Reid compiles some the the thousands of years of wisdom from the Chinese martial arts, medical and meditative traditions. To have a balanced health, one must not only exercise the body with vigorous training, but also must exercise the Qi, or the energetic aspects of the body, via qi gong, meditation and soft exercise. As well, must clarify the mind.

For me personally, it was my first introduction to the science of Food combining, which most people are not familiar with and few books on nutrition even touch on this important subject.

In brief, different foods digest or transit (move from stomach into intestines) at different rates. For example, a piece of beef can take 4 hours to begin to transit, whereas a piece of fruit only 30 minutes. So if fruit and meat are eaten together, the meat slows the rate of digestion and the fruits begin to turn rancid in the stomach, causing bloating, gas, indigestion, etc.

In turn, a habit of mixing foods improperly creates sluggish digestion, like having pipes that are filled with gunk. Most people have literally pounds and pounds of undigested food matter just stuck in their internal piping. A broad topic, but a very important one if you want to optimize digestion and therefore, health.

Consistent Winning by Ronald D. Sandler:

Overtraining occurs when we do not cycle in sufficient rest and recover into our workout programs. It is human nature that after a few weeks on a new training cycle, our body feels strong, great and ready to keep pushing harder and harder. Then on the 4th week, we get a set-back, maybe a cold or an injury. Consisten Winning is based on natural rhythyms, based upon the Fibonacci sequence, which mathematical illustrates natural growth patterns/cycles. The basis of this book is that we must cycle down every 4th week in a training program, to allow the body to “down-regulate” before nature makes us, thereby allowing us to progress consistently. Well worth reading.

Also, any book by Ernest Holmes, most famously the Science of Mind.

Tony Gentilcore

Well, I thought this was the best pic I could get from Tony, keeping in mind the topic of the article ;)
Well, I thought this was the best pic I could get from Tony, keeping in mind the topic of the article 😉


Strength and Conditioning:

1. Science and Practice of Strength and Conditioning – Zatsiorsky

It’s a bit of an old-school book, and definitely more on the nerdy side (not a lot of pictures), but I truly believe this is the book that helped me realize I wanted to become a coach. Likewise, I think this is a MUST read for any fitness professional, as all the information still has efficacy today.

2. Advances In Functional Training – Mike Boyle

I’ve read every book Mike as written, and I’ve listened to him speak/lecture countless times, and this is easily the first resource I recommend to people who are serious about taking their knowledge base and expertise to the next level.

3. Starting Strength – Mark Rippetoe

I have my qualms with the programming (but I won’t get into that here), but suffice it to say I think this is one of THE best books out there with regards to teaching/coaching/cueing the squat, deadlift, and bench press.


My knowledge base isn’t in nutrition (although I can tell you what gluconeogenesis is!), but my go-to source for anything nutrition related is Alan Aragon’s Research Review.

Life/Personal Development:

1. The Art of Non-Comformity – Chris Guillebeau I wish I would have read this book when I was younger. Essentially it’s all about building the life of your dreams without worrying about societal norms or what society tells you you should be doing.

2. Anything by Malcolm Gladwell or Dan Ariely. I’m a geek when it comes to behavorial economics – which when you think about it, is about human behavior and why we do (or don’t do) stuff, which parlays very well to what we deal with as fitness professionals – and I can never get enough of those types of books. My personal favs: Blink and Outliers by Gladwell. Predictably Irrational – Ariely


To Kill a Mockingbird – Harper Lee. It’s an American classic for a reason.


A Heartbreaking Work of Staggering Genius – Dave Eggers

I’m normally not a fan of memoirs, but this is just fantastic writing and something that was recommended to me by several people a few years ago. I finally read it in 2008, and fell in love with it for its brutal honesty and storytelling.

Molly Galbraith

Molly Galbraith
Molly Galbraith


Professional FB:

Gym website:

GGS Site:


Movement by Gray Cook — I learned the fundamentals of human movement, and where the body should be getting it’s mobility/stability in order to stay healthy over a long period of time. This book has prevented me from building strength on a dysfunctional base.

Ultimate MMA Conditioning (more…)

Top Athletes and Coaches Answer: If You Could Perform Just 5 Exercises, Which One Would You Choose and Why?

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Ines Subashka
Ines Subashka

I decided to ask some of the most highly respected athletes and coaches “If they had to pick just 5 exercises they could do to the end of their lives, what would they pick and why. And what would be the one aerobic activity they’d choose.” Here is what they answered. I arranged the answers chaotically, so they do not follow some kind of scale of importance. That’s why I recommend you read every single one! It is totally worth your time. And don’t forget to join my Facebook page ( HERE).

Christine Beauchamp (aka Cookie Monster)

Christine Beauchamp
Christine Beauchamp


Facebook page:

5 exercises… (more…)

Kiril Raykov: The Person for Whom Limitations Do Not Exist

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Kiril Raykov

Ines Subashka: How did you get involved in sports and to be more accurate with basketball?

Kiril Raykov: Before I started practicing basketball, while I was still in kindergarten, my family and I used to live in Vratza ( a city in Bulgaria). My dad was in the military and he was serving there. My mom took me to a dancing class. When I was in first grade,my mother’s dream was to become a musician and as you could guess I was in a musician class, where I used to sing in choir and played the piano. ( Laughing) In fourth grade a really tall man, came in the classroom. I and one of my friends were the tallest, so he spot us immediately. He took a basketball out of his bag and “invited” us. Right in that moment, when I smelled the basketball I forgot about the piano and my career of a musician.  This was 16 years ago, and the tall man is George Velchev. Since that moment I’ve been true to the “orange  ball”.

IS: What motivates you to wake up every morning and face another day, filled with the enthusiasm and the goal orientation you demonstrate in everything you do?

KR: For me, the most important thing in life is to have inner drive and motivation. The irritators in the world around, such as money, material benefits or what other people think of you, are misleading.  If you do no thave an inner spark, which could lead you towards your goal and if you are not dedicated to what you do, you are lost!

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Kiril Raykov

IS: Nowadays, most people seem as if they gave up living and just keep on existing. What is it inside of you, that keeps the spark burning, gives you strength to dream and never give up, in the name of doing only the things you love?

KR: (more…)

Yoanna Hristova: Life Beyond Limitations

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Yoanna Hristova

Ines Subashka: Introduce yourself.

Yoanna Hristova: My name is Yoanna Hristova. I am 25 years old and I live in Sofia, Bulgaria. I graduated aviation technologies in Technical University of Sofia.

IS: How long have you been participating in the stunting workouts? Have you been involved in other sports before that?

YoH: I’ve been going to stunting workouts for the past 4 years. Before that I did aikido, brake dance, climbing and taekwondo.

IS: How did you decide to start going to stunting workouts?

YoH: I was interested in that sport and in extreme activities as a whole, since I was in high school. I’ve always wanted to pursue this. When I found out that there is stunting workouts , I didn’t hesitate to get a membership.

Yoanna Hristova

IS: Everybody who has seen you, has probably noticed the graceful way in which you move in the gym and the way you perform the stunts. You make the audience think, that what you are doing is a piece of cake, when in reality the movements are really complicated. What is the movement that challenged you the most?

YoH: (more…)

Snejina Ivanova: The Beauty of Being Fit

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Снежина Иванова
The beautiful Snejina Ivanova 🙂

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IS:How did you get involved in fitness? Have you done any other sports before that?

Snejina Ivanova: I got involved in fitness, because of my boyfriend. We’ve been together for more than 3 years. He is a Republical champion in bodybuilding here in Bulgaria and he has been an athlete for his entire life. I’ve practiced box and swimming for a short time.

IS: Do you follow a nutrition plan? What doe sit include? (more…)

Alisa Kovacheva's Great Transformation Story!

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Alisa before she started lifting weights and working out with me... and today, one year later!

Ines Subashka: Introduce yourself.

Alisa Kovacheva: My name is Alisa Kovacheva and I am 23 years old.

IS: What do you do?

AK: I work in the IT sector, I work out with weights and I dance.

IS: Have you been involved in some kind of sports before you started working out with me and my machines?

AK: Yes. About 3 years climbing, a couple years of swimming and a little bit of volleyball, tennis and martial arts. I have never played professional sports. I worked out once or twice a week.

IS: When did you join my workouts?

AK: A year ago.

Alisa Kovacheva

IS: How did you understand about my workouts and did you have some worries before you joined us?

AK: Gabriela Subashka was the connection between you and me, as well as your Facebook page. I needed about an year, before I finally decided that I want to work out and until I was brave enough to come. I was constantly reading everything you post and I was hesitating. Finally I made the decision and I’ve never looked back.

IS: What was on your mind, before and after the first workout? (more…)

Alexa Rae's UNIQUE Transformation!

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Алекса Рей
Alexa's unique transformation! 🙂

Sometimes when we have obstacles in our lives, we feel as if we are insignificant. As if we can’t make a difference and as if our life is just a waste…just a burden. But then, in a really short moment, something from the inside wakes up… something that wouldn’t allow us to give up and just be mediocre. All of a sudden we find strength, that wasn’t there before. All of a sudden we feel capable of achieving everything and reaching greatness. All of a sudden one small decision to change our reality, becomes so powerful that it changes the lives of million of people. Today I have the pleasure to introduce you a person that really changes lives. A person, who is so strong, so beautiful, so inspirational! I have the pleasure to introduce you Alexa Rae!

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Ines Subashka: Thank you for accepting my offer for an interview. I am really honored to share more about you with my readers. People who know you, are aware that you are keeping yourself busy with more activities, than an average person could imagine doing in a week. Would you tell us in short what you are up to right now?

Alexa Rae: (more…)

Jen Sinkler: A Life Full of Purpose and Greatness

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The beautiful Jen Sinkler

There are some people, that I have never met in person, but with whom I feel as if they are my best friends! Today I have the honor of introducing you Jen Sinkler! She is one of the most amazing, beautiful, passionate women, that you will ever get the chance to meet! Everybody that has the privilege of meeting her or talking to her, will tell you that this women has something really special… she has a purpose in her life, a passion and a never ending will and desire to be great and help others become great! She has the power to set the fire in your heart and help you dust off the ashes of your broken dreams, and then build your world again, filled with more enthusiasm, hope and positivism! And no matter what I tell you about Jen, it would just belittle the great person she is, so I will let her do the talking! Before that, just don’t forget to join my Facebook page (HERE)

Ines Subashka: Introduce yourself.
Jen Sinkler: First of all, thank you, Ines, for asking me to do this interview — it’s an honor to be included on your site! For those of you I haven’t had the pleasure of e-meeting yet on my Facebook page, Thrive as the Fittest(HERE) , it’s nice to meet you now! My name is Jen Sinkler, and I’m the former editorial director of fitness for Experience Life magazine, a publication I worked at for the past nine years. There, I assigned, wrote, and edited stories on the best training methodologies the fitness industries has to offer.

Just recently, I branched out on my own and started a website called Thrive with Jen Sinkler — there, I cover intuitive training, Olympic lifting, kettlebell training, sane nutritional strategies, easy recipe prep, dressing well in the gym, and living life as your best self. I’m also sharing fabu messages that others to have to offer via guest posts — I can’t shake the editor in me, I like to share! (If you’re interested, you can sign up for my email newsletter at

IS: How did you start lifting weights? Have you played any other sports before that?
JS: I was a four-sport athlete in high school (softball, volleyball, basketball and track), and although I have a few sporadic memories of bench-pressing on a rusty old machine in the boys’ locker room during basketball season, that only happened a handful of times. I didn’t start lifting in earnest until my senior year of college. (more…)

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