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I know that you have tried to change your lifestyle so many times. I know that every time you start with enthusiasm and you make efforts, but every time you are left with the disappointment from the lack of results or from the fact that you just got closer to the feeling of progress and for some reason you once again made a step backwards. Seems like every time when you see your motivation and inspiration are coming behind the corner, the dissatisfaction and your destructive behavior and unwanted mediocrity catch up behind you and pull you back.

I know that you probably wonder if you need to try another diet or workout plan and that you think that this is not for you. You look in the mirror and you see a reflection you do not like and you quickly turn away your sight, because it hurts you – not from the fact that you wear a bigger size clothes or that you have unwanted fat. You are hurt from what you cause to your body on a daily basis and from what you see in yourself, yet you hide from others. You are hurt from hiding your talents, because they are deeply buried under your low self-esteem and sometimes they are sent way back in your consciousness, because you are too busy to fight with your thoughts, emotions and everything that weighs you down.

And before you quit, let’s try one more time. Let me show you that a person shouldn’t give up on himself or postpone the better version of himself. Let me remind you that healthy lifestyle is not just a premise and it is not just about how you look on the beach or what size clothes you wear.

Every time when you need to take an important decision, ask yourself – would my best self do this?

Your best self is decisive, confident, energetic and creative. Your best self could cope with the challenge of going out of your comfort zone and go through the insecurity of how you will fit a couple more workouts in your busy schedule or how you are gonna find time to prep nourishing food. Your best self would believe that every effort today, pays back tomorrow and that with every single choice we either get closer to our goals or we make a step back. Your best self knows that in every single moment you choose yourself and that you can always change the direction of your life, as long as you do not play the role of a victim, and as long as you become the master of your life. Your best self would realize that everything you went through was the path you needed to walk on, in order to gather enough wisdom and experience and stop searching for happiness and success outside of you and turn back inside.

Your best self knows that wandering outside is just the way you turn back to the needs of your body and soul and you finally decide to fulfill them. It knows that disappointments are the tool that frees you from every addiction and dependency, that you are clentvhed into with the hope that finally, something or somebody will help you achieve your goals. Your best self has gone through enough, so it is aware that progress is not a straight upward line and that the moments of plateu are the once that take you out of the hypnothis and mechanical behavior, which moves you by inertia and it drives you to search, discover and act more consciously.

Your best self wouldn’t put up with the feelings of exhaustion, lethargy and it wouldn’t prefer sitting on the couch, instead of going for a walk in the park or in the mountain and being closer to nature. Your best self is a creator and it loves experimenting – it loves prepping its food. It loves and respects itself and every choice, that doesn’t resonates with this is being denied. Your best self doesn’t quit when it has a difficulty. Instead it accepts it as an invitation for growth and a deeper understanding about life and the situation. Your best self is looking back from the reflection in the mirror and what you feel when you stare back at it is its pain, not yours. It knows what you are capable of and the emotions you feel when you look yourself in the mirror are its way to make you realize that it is about time – to stop postponing yourself; to stop whining and stop quitting. It is about time to start and continuously move forward – towards your goals, your better self and your progress. Because the path might be long, but nobody is gonna walk on it instead of you. And the longer you sit on the side, the harder it is to start. Don’t wait. Start now. It is worth it. Because you are worth it!

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