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This is my delicious and healthy breakfast, because healthy is not plane or boring.

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Our attitude towards our own body is like our attitude towards life. The way we treat our own self could never go beyond the level of our consciousness and beyond the convictions we have.

I was standing in line in the supermarket and there were a bunch of sweets and junk. I looked at a Snickers bar and I was thinking about how much I have eaten in the past. And today, the thought of eating something like that, makes every cell in body cringe.

I do not eat foods like that anymore, and not because I deprive myself, but because now when I take care of my body and when I respect my body, I know that I want it to feel great and alive. Now I can make the difference between eating unhealthy and healthy food.

I was standing in line and I was thinking how our attitude towards our body has a direct connection to the relationships we have with other people.

You know how the more conscious you become, the more you stop making compromises with your own self. You realize that people who treat you bad don’t have a place in your life.

You realize that you do not need to surround yourself with people who make you feel small and insignificant and people who cut your wings every time when they start growing and giving you hope.

Our relationships with other people, usually reflect our own self – our own essence, our own shadow and what we hide and what we are afraid to acknowledge.

People around us, usually reflect one of two things – how we treat our own self or how we treat others.

Many people put up with being in a relationship with people who steal from them, instead of sharing and receiving together. Many people, on a daily basis swear that they won’t allow such attitude and disrespect towards them, and then just a kind word or a fake “excuse me” is enough, so they forget their promise and prolong their own agony and mediocre existence.

There comes a moment when you can no longer tolerate such a behavior and you start learning- how to love and accept your own self. You realize that you do not need another person, in order to feel happy and complete and that you do not need to play it a rag so somebody can appreciate you.

You realize, that people who have a place in your life are those who accept you and those who understand that in every single moment, the only duty you have is the one – towards your own self and that they cannot be mad at you, for choosing to be healthy, happy and self- actualized.

It is the same with nutrition. Many people swear on a daily basis, that they will start eating healthy tomorrow, and that they will start being more active tomorrow and that they will take care for their body.

Many people eat unhealthy food, they often overeat and they have pain. Then, pressed by the unbearable feeling, they promise to change – until tomorrow, when they are a little bit better and they decide that the condition is bearable and keep on going the old way.

Just as it is in a relationship – your whole being is screaming that you are feeling bad, that you are suppressed, but one good word is enough, so your mind can slip you to go back.

Just as it is with nutrition – your whole being is screaming that you are harming it, but just a shiny package or a commercial with junk food is enough, so you slip back into the destructive behavior.

Until the day you decide that you love and respect your own self.

Until the day you decide that it is about time to be what you were created to become and to refuse to put up with mediocrity.

When we leave people who do not have place besides us, life usually tests us – occasional meetings, text messages, calls and a bunch of promises. But a person who has decided that he is not going back and that something better awaits him – doesn’t slip back and then he meets something better in his tomorrow.

Moments, when your mind is hungry for the past, but something inside you is giving you courage and will to never go back.

It is the same with nutrition.

When you decide to change, life tests you – birthdays, new commercials or somebody who doubts your choice. Initially, your mind hesitates, but during the whole time your body knows what it needs and it states it – every time when you choose something unhealthy or every time you choose something healthy.

Some people get used to it and put up with it – with being belittled and with being treated badly. People accept it is normal. And then they stay in the same place for a lifetime – that is the top of their level of consciousness.

Other people get tired from pain and disappointment and climb up on the next level – they remove from their life everything and everybody who drags them down and meet with a future self which is so much better than the former one – that is where their consciousness tarts and expands.

The attitude towards our own body is like the attitude towards life. Consciousness about health come with consciousness about life. A person could never reach further than his own convictions.

I was standing in line in the supermarket and I was thinking about everything unhealthy I’ve taken away from my life – and it is great… to feel that you love and respect yourself, your body and your life.

What did you choose?

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