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1.Eat in smaller plates


Often times we underestimate the power of our instincts and even though we take ourselves for reasonable beings, more often than not it is our instincts that drive us on an unconscious level and force us to act.

From an evolutionary standpoint and survival, we have encoded instincts that drive us to eat more, when there is more food available.

When we use bigger plates, bigger bowls, cups, spoons and etc., we unconsciously eat more food.

When we place our lunch in a smaller plate, it looks full and our always wanting more self feels satisfied, because it perceives that our plate is full.

If we place the same amount of food in a bigger plate – then it will seem empty and it is more likely that we will feel as if we haven’t placed enough food and thus, add some more.

In reality, the amount in the smaller plate will satisfy us enough and we wouldn’t need more food.

Besides that, my observations show that people love second helpings. Thus, if you are tempted for a second helping – the smaller plate + the additional portion will be equal to the bigger plate portion.

Otherwise, you would eat the bigger portion + the second helping.

You have no idea how much you will decrease the amount of food you eat, if you eat in smaller plates, bowls, cups and so forth.

I was thinking about desserts. Back in the days, all puddings and desserts used to be served in really small cups, bowls, plates, even with small forks – the amount was enough to satisfy the senses, and not to stuff you – as we do today.

2.When they ask you: “Small, medium or large?”, choose the small one


What do I mean. Nowadays, every coffee shop like Starbucks, Costa, Coffee Heaven and so forth, no matter what you like on the menu, they will always offer you the option to get small, medium or large.

I also love going to Starbucks or Costa coffee. These are my mobile offices ;). Still, I always choose the option for a small drink. I usually drink just coffee, but in case you drink cappuccino, late or no matter what you choose, just give it a thought how much milk and other add ons you drink with the large cups.

Sometimes, I even wonder how people manage to fit in their stomach the size of a large hot chocolate with cream on top. After all, the pleasure is not in the amount. There is a certain return of the investment and after a particular quantity, more doesn’t bring more pleasure.

3.Spice up your food


In the world of healthy eating and diets, there are those myths that the meals should be plane. I’ve written a bunch of articles on the topic of satiety and how it is a complex feeling.

Satiety is a multy sense perception. The more you take care of how your food looks, how it is arranged, how colorful it is, the easier and faster you will get full. Just try to add more spices, to combine the sweet and salty tastes and you will see how less food, brings you more satiety.

Probably it doesn’t sound good, but just give it a try – add some raisins to your salad, or grate a small piece of mango or add some fresh orange juice to the salad; add a piece or two of jamone, some fresh spices, seeds and dried tomatoes; your salad will be delicious and you will feel satisfied. And I am not talking you about huge quantities of the things listed above – just a little bit of everything.

4.Eat consciously

This is one of the most important conditions in order to stay away from overeating. How often do you happen to do something, while you eat – to watch TV, read, work on the computer and so forth.

In order to feel full, the brain should register that you are eating. When your mind is focused on another action, eating is left secondary and you come to realize that you have already eaten everything and you are still hungry for more.

This was one of the most important things that helped me decrease the amount of food – when I eat, I do not do anything else – I just eat and enjoy every bite.

5.Don’t prep your food with the idea to eat the minimal amount of calories


This is common among women. In the desire to limit the amount of calories, women eat scarcely during the first half of the day. Their meals are tasteless, they lack variety, fats and sometimes carbs. The do not get satiety and they feel hungry. They eat too little food. There comes a moment, when the body wants what it needs and in the evening most women lose control over what and how much they eat and thus they make up for all the “saved calories”.

It is far better to eat more balanced throughout the whole day. To have a couple nutritious meals, and even though they might initially look calorie dense, they will fill you up. Forget about eating just egg whites and plane oats. You better cook the coconut pancake for breakfast – it is tasty, delicious and the best.

Stop eating plane green salad with tuna fish. Prepare delicious salad with a variety of vegetables, avocado, seeds, spices, add some tuna fish olive oil, 1 egg and whatever else you feel like eating – thus you will satisfy your senses and you will feel full and happy.



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