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Възникна грешка, моля опитайте пак
Записването е успешно

Снимка: http://girlswhodocrossfit.com/
Image source: http://girlswhodocrossfit.com/

Another day. The alarm is ringing. I open my eyes and it is still dark outside. But this doesn’t matter. I wake up immediately. The day is not gonna wait for me. I grab my bag and I head to the stadium. It is dark, I am cold and I am still sleepy. It doesn’t matter. After all, you got to pay the price, in order to receive something that you want. At least that is what I’ve been taught and what I have fallen to believe. I am trying to warm up, but my body is still sleeping. In my mind, I am trying to grab a picture of my dream, a picture of my goal. A picture, which is gonna lead me and give me a sense of meaning, when my body is trying to break me and force me to rest.

That’s how my mornings used to be like, a couple years ago. I used to wake up at 4:30a.m. and I went to work out, so I can fit everything in my schedule – work, University, workouts and so forth.

The time when I found Crossfit. A moment when something inside of me flickered and as if I once again met my old love. Everything in Crossfit, reminded me about the physical conditioning in basketball. I decided that I finally found, what slipped away a couple years earlier.

I started reading and following everything that had to do something with Crossfit. I subscribed about all Crossfit Journals. I read every single issue. I used to read hundreds of blogs and I followed popular crossfitters. I was giving my best to become better.

I used to train hard and initially I had great results. I felt more athletic and my appearance changed.

I will make long story short and I will jump right to what matters. I reached to a point, where I felt tired and over trained. Instead of feeling better, my body started feeling worse and everything hurt. My body felt stiff, old and forgotten injuries started to remind of themselves. I have tested everything – 6 days on:2 days off; 2 days on:1 day off and so forth.

Nothing changed.

I still remember a day, when I was doing another WOD with n- number of squats and burpees and I was wondering how it is possible to feel so exhausted.

I came home and I decided that this was not the way to do it. I decided that I need to do what I always do – when walking in one direction takes me to a dead end street and I don’t see a way out, I should just make a complete turn. To go back and see where I made a mistake or where I could do things differently.

I started reading more and experimenting more. I got to the conclusion, that the principle 80?20 is true for workouts, i.e. 80 per cent of the results come from 20 percent of the effort. I was supposed to find which are these 20 percent. Thus, I came to the training method I use today, but I will share it in my next post. Now I will share my point of view about Crossfit.

What I like about Crossfit

Снимка: http://girlswhodocrossfit.com/
Image source: http://girlswhodocrossfit.com/

1.Crossfit  combines functional exercises and it doesn’t force you to specialize in one particular thing. It gives you an opportunity to challenge yourself in different sports, to test every physical skill – strength, endurance, agility, balance, speed and so forth.

2.Crossfit gives you an opportunity to be  in a community, where you are surrounded by people who share your interests and encourage your goals.

4. Crossfit gives an opportunity to every beginner, to train together with the advanced – to receive inspiration and experience.

5.Crossfit is a sport, that requires the trainees to have patience and look on their physical preparation in a long term perspective, while they are still dedicated to the basics.

6.Crossfit educates discipline.

7.In Crossfit workouts, everybody is defined as an individual, while still, the behavior to him is like to a team player – i.e. everybody trains up to his own abilities, but he is expected to help others, encourage them and the same is expected from them, as well.

8. Crossfit gives you an opportunity to try different moves, that you thought were just for professional athletes. It divides complicated movements, into a simpler, scaled and easy to perform movements. After consistent practice, you can put them together and finally have the opportunity to perform the “complicated” movement with ease.

Снимка: http://girlswhodocrossfit.com/
Image source: http://girlswhodocrossfit.com/

At the beginning, Crossfit definitely laid down the foundations of a positive movement, which encourages people to move more, train more and be more conscious about the choices they make and lead a better lifestyle. Crossfit, started as a sport for the average person, but became a sport that pretty much neglects the needs of the body and focuses on achievemnts.

Here is what I don’t like about Crossfit and the reasons I quit on this type of training:

1.The focus on the quantity of the work done, without giving enough priority to technique.

The myth, that Crossfit has standards about the technique, has its real proves just among professionals. Crossfit became a professional sport and we are once again fooling ourselves that Crossfit for the average person is the same. Just watch a video of trainees, which are not professionals. It hurts just to watch them squatting, jumping or running.

When the focus is on the quantity of the work done, we often ignore the signals of the body in our strive to reach the final goal. We reach to a point, where we force our body to perform a particular movement, even when the supporting muscles are tired and they give us a signal to stop. This increases the risk of overtraining and injury.

2.Too much work

Every one of you has heard about the diminishing norm of return or in other words, after a particular quantity of work done, more is actually equal to less. This is true for workouts, as well. The measure of a good workout is not exhaustion. Actually exhaustion and too much soreness are a sign that we are doing something wrong – we are not structuring our workouts properly, we are not picking the right weights and we are not recovering well.

From the beginning, I used to find the WODs, that contain 100 squats or 40-50 push – ups in just one round, to be strange. How many people do you know, that could perform 50 push – ups with PROPER technique, while in a complex with other exercises? I don’t know many!

Here, you will say that you can scale them down and do kneeling push- ups or band assisted push- ups. But do you really need to do it? Aren’t you gonna have more use, if you perform 5 sets of 5 push –ups – in a controlled and conscious manner. Feeling how every fiber in your body, endures the load, how every muscle from your chest, through your abdomen to your glutes is being activated!

Less work, done in a conscious manner, leads to better results!

3. Too much repetitiveness

If, on a  daily basis, we repetitively load our body in a similar way, i.e. with the same movements, done a bunch of times, we wear it out. We stress the same muscles, tendons, ligmanets. We load the body in the same planes, we make it strong in one directions, and we leave it weak in another. Do you think that 400 squats in a WOD are good for the body? 400 reps from a similar movement… 400 reps that wear out the body in one direction and load the same muscles.

4.Workouts are directly connected with the hormonal balance of the body

Exhausting workouts, that are common for Crossfit, often lead to depleting hormones and super production of other hormones. Inadequate recovery, leads to inhibited immune system, too much stress on the soft tissues and joints, increased risk of overtraining. Overtraining is a stress for the body. Stress decreases the levels of sex hormones and growth hormone and increases cortisol, increases inflammation in the body.

5.Olympic movements are not meant to be performed in sets of 30 reps or for time.

Olympic movements are complex when it comes to technique. They combine power, strength, coordination. They should be performed with less reps with enough rest. They are demanding on the muscles and the nervous system and you should be recovered in order to perform them without high risk of injury.

Crossfit WODs, have Olympic movements, which should be performed for time and with reps that do not lead to compromising with technique.

6.Variation has nothing to do with being chaotic

Adherents of Crossfit, say that the foundation of every WOD is variation. I will tell you that the foundation is more chaotic. At the beginning, when Crossfit was founded, the WODs had more variation and purpose. But nowadays, it Is not quite like that. You will see WODs, that combine a bunch of knee – dominant exercises or pushing movements. Exercises with high repetitiveness, that load the same muscles. More often than not the goal of the exercises is exhaustion and going to the limit.

Variation has to do with variety of exercises, done with the goal, to load the body in different planes, from different angles and with different intensity. It challenges you to train different qualities, which combines together increase physical preparedness.

7.There isn’t an individual approach. The WOD is just the norm.


How could you train with 20 people at the same time and ask all of them to do the same thing? Even if you use the argument with scaling of the exercises – scaling has nothing to do with the needs of the body. You are asking a person, who is obviously having tight pecs and mobility restriction in the shoulder, to perform a bunch of push presses and a bunch of push – ups in a single WOD. Does his body need it? No! Why is he doing it? Because this is the WOD.

The body of each one of us is different and has different restrictions, which a good workout should target. The goal should be to turn our weaknesses into strengths and to find the weak links in our body. Then, through the right selection of exercises we should help it function properly.

8.Crossfit is for professionals, not for beginners.

The arguments with scaling come short again! I train with a lot of people and I will tell you that the beginners who can jump, run, lift weights and so forth, while performing everything with proper technique are… 0%.

Beginners should focus on technique, on learning to feel their body. Their task is not to set records. The task is to learn how to move their body through space. Running, jumping, exercise that require more coordination and have a more complex technique are a part of a workout based on a progression in the load. You can’t ask a beginner, to do dynamic exercises, when he hasn’t mastered his body in a  static position.

9.Crossfit is not meant to improve health. Crossfit gives more power to ego.

Crossfit is  a great… sport! Professional sport has nothing to do with the desire of the average person to be fit, healthy and look good in a bikini.

Professional athletes do just this – they train. During the rest of the time they are recovering.

The average person, doesn’t have time to recover from such an intense workout. And he doesn’t need to!

Crossfit became a professional sport. Professional sport is not for health. The average person sees just fragments from the life of professionals and then tries with jus a couple pieces, to put together his own puzzle. The problem is that in order to put together the whole puzzle, we need to know much more. Workouts of professional athletes do not fit the goals of the average person. Even if you think that you are extremely athletic, until sport becomes your profession, you are just fooling yourself that you can follow these protocols and be healthy and feel good.

Do not get me wrong – Crossfit is a wonderful sport and it gave me  lot! Still, Crossfit can be done properly, just when you have enough experience in the gym; when you recover properly. Crossfit, the way you see it for professional athletes is not suitable for the average person. For the past two years and a half, I’ve been training differently and I feel great and I am in the best shape of my life.

Инес Субашка
Ines Subashka


Инес Субашка
Ines Subashka


In my next post I will share with you how I train and what I left from Crossfit.

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Ines Subashka

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This Post Has 8 Comments

  1. Sonia Rai

    Really great article! It’s super hard to speak to people you actually GOT into crossfit and explain to them why you really just don’t do it anymore…this was perfect.

    1. Ines Subashka

      Thank you! Glad you liked it 🙂

  2. lfw57

    I wanted to write to thank you for articulating what I have felt myself. I joined CF a few months ago, starting off the first couple of months learning technique through 1:1 coaching with one of the owners. I moved into classes and felt like I found the answer…loved the culture, felt an incredible sense of accomplishment at being able to finish a WOD alongside more seasoned athletes. Then I started to feel soreness that would last days, increasing knee pain. The breaking point was a WOD where I did “Betty” which included a total of 185 air squats that took me a week to recover from, and further damage to my knees. I’m in PT now, correcting muscle imbalances and also feeling pressure by the box owners to get back into classes. But I think I’m going to look elsewhere as I shared the same concerns that you wrote about… is the body meant to do 185 squats in a 20 minute period? It started to feel too much like I was beating my body up. Im older (51) than the average Crossfitter, so I know that plays into it. I won’t stop lifting, though, and I can thank CF for introducing me to functional fitness training. I just need to find a similar program that focuses more on good form and less on time. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated!

  3. Scott Stampp

    Ines, i read ur post about crossfit being for professionals. Im an average guy who used to be a collegiate athlete. I started crossfit 3 months ago n can see ur point. The trainers at our box always focus on technique but the wods are sometimes way to much for me n recovery time fir ne is minimal w work, family, etc. what programs would u recommend instead of CF? I feel great most of the time and gave lost 13 lbs in 12 weeks since starting CF. Thanks.

    1. Ines Subashka

      Hello, Scott 🙂 Thank you for stopping by my website. Crossfit is great, but once you have a pretty good awareness of your body, the way it moves and if you just pick up the exercises that fit your own body. Mobility issues are a problem for the olympic lifts, and performing them in a high rep scheme is dangerous. I’d recommend you try a full body routine, with two low body exercises – one predominantly for the posterior chain and one for the anterior chain; one pushing movement and one pulling movement. Adding a core exercise – and targeting different core functions – like stabilization, anti rotation, anti lateral flexion and so forth. You might add some accessory movements and every now and then add some short metabolic work.
      like to include a variety of gymnastic and martial arts’exercises in my warm ups, so I can develop as a better athlete.

      This would look like:
      Main workout:

      Deadlift 4 sets of 10 reps max effort
      Kneeling Side Press 3 sets of 10 reps
      Bulgarian Split squat 3 sets of 10 reps each leg
      Renegade Row with a Push up – # sets of 8 reps (I like doing 8 reps with one arm, then 8 with the other one and then finishing up with the push-ups on the dumbbells)
      Paloff press 3 sets of 12 reps 🙂

      Hope that helps 🙂


  4. Sheryn D. Shahwan

    Hi Ines, I was looking for an article that which explained the cons of crossfit. I’ve been doing crossfit for about 7 months now. I really liked it. I discovered my fondness for Olympic weight lifting and conquered some of the difficult workouts which I thought I could never tackle efficiently. Overall I did enjoy it because of the challenge and the community you find with it.
    However recently I felt like I am not enjoying it like before because I am always exhausted after a WOD. I thought I would get used to it after a while but I always struggle to go to the box nowadays especially when my work schedules are different. I have to agree with you when you said that for working individuals it’s not easy and that it won’t work. I certainly feel that way now.
    I enjoyed crossfit however I feel like I couldn’t stick to it long term.
    So what would you suggest for a woman in her 30’s who wants to lose weight but also maintain or increase her strength that she acquired from crossfit without being too taxing?

  5. Nat

    Hi Ines and thank you for this article. I started crossfit back in 2013 but had to quit altogether last year. I am going through hormonal changes (menopause, yay…) and the WOD were bit by bit sucking all the energy I had which eventually led to overuse injuries in my pelvis and right shoulder joint. I only started to go back to good old school strength training and weight lifting this past January; I feel so much better about it as this allows me to better control my movements and to be more consistent doing it.

    Crossfit definitely has its pros and cons but for it is not for everyone, even if scaling movements is an option.

    1. Ines Subashka

      Thank you for commenting, Nat :)) Life is a journey and trying different methods is part of it. But along the way, you gather experience and then you have the tools to create the best version of yourself!


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