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There are two exercises, which I love- pistols and handstands. In the past, I used to just admire people, who could perform them and it seemed an impossible deed for me.

As it always happens, it turned out that nothing is impossible. You know- the word says it itself – I- M- Possible. It turned out that once again, everything a person needs is just a clear goal and enough desire to achieve it, to invest the effort and demonstrate patience, while “nurturing”the dream and watching it happen.

Most of you are writing me messages, asking if I can write a post about how to master the psitol squat.

I think thattoday is the day for this post. Check out my progressions and get busy working. The summer is coming and I want to see pictures from the seaside- some original, pistol squat pictures wit the beautiful background of the sand and the sea.

Pistol Progression 1: Pistol on bench, log, rock or whatever you have around you.



– stand with your back towards the bench. Make sure your feet point straight forward;

– stretch your hands and one leg forward;

– Moving your pelvis back, sit on the bench. Make sure that you don’t use your knee to move forward. Imagine that there is a wall behind you need 20-30 more centimeters to reach it with your butt. This will help you to imagine how you should move back in the right way.

– Then pushing on your whole foot (you have to have 3 supporting points – one on your heel and 2 on the two sides at the front of the foot) and with a slight bend you return to the initial position.

When you can perform 4 clear series (without curves and tilts) of 8 reps you can reduce the height of the bench or to move on to one of the next progressions.


Pistol Progression 2:  Pistol with Help


– Find a pole or a tree. Something stable that can be your support.

– Stand on one side. Initially hold it with two hands so to be easier.

– Stretch one leg forward and squat down to the bottom. Be careful the weight to be on the three supporting points mentioned above. Do not try forward on toes!;

– Then rise up by pulling yourself with your hands. Again push with the supporting leg and the strength that you lack in the leg should be compensated by pulling with your hands;

Here again you must aim for 4 series of 8 reps. Then you may start to pull yourself with one hand only and the other to stretch forward. When you barely have the need to pull yourself you can go on to the next level.


Pistol Progression 3: Pistol Squat with Weight for Counterbalance


The pistol squat is one of those exercises, which become easier, when you add some weight, which will help you stay balanced. That’swhy, when you are close to getting your first, real, pistol squat, take a light weight and perform the movement with it.

Here are some more explanations:

Pistol Squat


Now you are ready to try a real pistol. Do bear in mind that women don’t dare to try because it seems impossible. If you have trained enough and have passed through the other progressions, do believe in yourself. Slowly squat on one leg and after that push to rise up.

At first the other leg can be a little crouched and not completely stretched forward.

In the first attempt of a real pistol stand near a bench or a pole in order to be sure to have something to hold if you lurch.

Now you are ready to move on to the next level and perform pistols EVERYWHERE!






I will be waiting for your videos and pictures- pistol squat mania. Share in the comments how you mastered the pistol squat.

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